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No matter what kind of business you’re in, there’s always a need to find a place to put things. Whether its documents that need to be filed or widgets that need to be stored, American Paper and Packaging has the bins, boxes, totes and shelving units to help you get organized. 

Why American Paper and Packaging? 

We’ve been a single source provider of business supplies for over 90 years and have a reputation for fast service and fair prices. With our extensive inventory, we can fulfill orders much faster than other suppliers. Your first order with us won’t be your last. 

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American Paper & Packaging has bins, shelving, and containers of all types, including:

We’re in the Business of “Yes”

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking in our online catalog, let us know. We have the connections to track down just about any kind of storage products and ship them anywhere in the United States. 

Our shelving and storage container solutions include:

Plastic binsPlastic Bins

Our plastic bin storage products come in a wide range of sizes and colors. These are ideal for color-coded storage of everything from small parts to office supplies, products, and tools.

Wire shelvingWire Shelving

Our adjustable wire shelving units are made of chrome plated steel and can support up to 800 lbs. per shelf. The ability to adjust shelf placement in 1” increments makes these easily adaptable to whatever size supplies you need to store.

Storage binsStorage Bins

Whether you need bins for long-term storage or for sorting and routing mail at the office, American Paper and Packaging gives you plenty of options. From paper banker boxes and corrugated totes to stackable plastic containers and reinforced plastic totes, we have a place for you to put everything.

Corrugated binsCorrugated Bins

Corrugated bins are a cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution for a wide range of storage needs. We have sizes for virtually everything. Whether you’re warehousing product or need catchalls for office supplies, American Paper and Packaging is your one-stop source.

Conductive binsConductive Bins

Conductive bins protect electronic components from electrostatic interference, even after washing. Made from carbon filled copolymer polypropylene, our conductive bins have reinforced side walls and a wide ledge that allows for high stacking.

Bin organizersBin Organizers

Bins are great, but without a way to organize them your storage room will quickly become a chaotic mess. Our bin organizers not only keep things neat, they help maximize storage capacity in a small amount of space.

Warehouse rack binsWarehouse Rack Bins

If you’re sick and tired of products falling off the back of the racks in your warehouse, these Kraft corrugated bins are for you. They do a great job of keeping product organized, and you’ll never have to retrieve products from the floor behind your racks.

Corrugated totesCorrugated Totes

These affordably priced Kraft corrugated totes are a handy way to pick and store products. They’re also surprisingly durable – when not in use, they can be nested one inside another to save space.

Space age totesSpace Age Totes

These lightweight plastic tote boxes have a reinforced steel frame that enable them to hold up to 80 lbs. Die-cut handles make them easy to carry. No one seems to know why they’re called “space age totes,” but these are the same kind of totes you see mail carriers using.

Storage boxesStorage Boxes

TAmerican businesses are up to their ears in paper. Thankfully, American Paper and Packaging has a variety of affordably priced document storage box options. From the basic bankers box to boxes with slide out drawers, we have storage solutions for all your “must save” documents.

Rack labeling suppliesRack Labeling

TGetting organized is great, but you’re going to need labels and label holders so you know what’s in all those bins and boxes. You’ll find a great selection of magnetic, vinyl and plastic labeling systems, as well as removable adhesive labels, at American Paper and Packaging.

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