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Our Winning Company Culture- Work Hard, Play Harder!

At American Paper & Packaging, we believe in a healthy work-life balance that allows the employees’ well-being and happiness to flourish. A combination of flexible work schedules, external team events, and fun office activities makes up our company and office culture that has been awarded “Best Places to Work” in 2023. A healthy and satisfied team allows us to serve our clients efficiently and to the best of our abilities, every time. Interested in joining the team or learning more about us? Reach out to us today!

Best Places to Work in 2023

We have been awarded the “Best Places to Work” award in 2023 due to our continued efforts to prioritize our employees’ lives outside of work and offered perks. Here is what some of our team had to say about it:

How does your company promote work-life balance for its employees?

We truly believe that striking a healthy work-life balance is crucial for our employees' well-being and happiness, so we strive to have a company culture that values their personal lives alongside their professional achievements. To promote work-life balance, we offer a flexible hybrid schedule with two days of remote work and three days in the office, giving employees the freedom to adjust their schedules for personal commitments. Our warehouse staff enjoys "Fun Fridays" during the summer, where they accumulate extra hours each month to take an additional day off on a preferred Friday. Additionally, this year we will be closing our operation for a day during the State Fair; extending an invitation to our employees and their families to join us for an afternoon of food & fun outside of work.

What are the most popular perks you offer to employees?

The work-from-home scheduling and flexibility we provide are the most popular perks at American Paper & Packaging. Our employees really value the opportunity to manage their own time and find a healthy work-life balance. Regular lunches and snacks for our employees also create a significant boost to workplace morale. We are also pleased to say that our pet-friendly environment has had a really positive impact on our employees' happiness in the office.

Many businesses are seeing employees leaving for various reasons. What are you doing to increase retention at your company?

At the heart of our employee retention efforts are the company culture and our core values. As a family business, we adhere to the golden rule, providing equal opportunities for all our employees to make a meaningful impact on the company's growth and success. We foster a supportive and creative environment that encourages collaboration among our employees, taking three consecutive days each quarter to focus on team building and our company mission. We strongly believe that the best decisions are not always made in the boardroom, so we make sure that every employee has a voice and that their perspectives are valued.

How would you pitch your company to a potential hire?

Finding a role that maintains the right balance between professional fulfillment and a genuine commitment to work-life balance can be a challenge. However, at American Paper & Packaging, that is exactly what we prioritize. Our flexible work schedule allows you to navigate life's unpredictable moments while maintaining your productivity and focus in a dynamic work environment. We recognize that believing in the mission of our company relies on fostering a culture that promotes collaboration and creativity, and we take great pride in delivering exactly that. If you're looking for a place where you can find that desired balance and embark on an exciting professional journey, American Paper & Packaging is the place for you!

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Cup Stacking Team Building Challenge

To provide a little friendly competition and an opportunity to bond with other coworkers, we had a cup-stacking competition. Team members were tasked with working together to try to create the tallest possible tower using only paper cups, plates, and tape. Check out some photos from the fun team-building challenge.

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Company-Wide Philanthropy?

At AP&P we believe in giving back and helping the community. We partnered with the Wisconsin Humane Society to help positively impact the lives of animals in our community. We raise money for the WHS to help rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome thousands of animals every year. Check out more about the WHS and our efforts to help them!

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Career Opportunities at American Paper & Packaging

AP&P is an exciting, challenging place for creative, energetic individuals to work. We offer a variety of job opportunities in warehouse, sales, operations, accounting, and finance. Contact our Human Resources department for more information on our job openings: 414-462-8560.

To apply for a job, send your resume to:

Attn: Human Resources

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