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Shrink Film for Packaging

High-Quality Shrink Wrap from American Paper & Packaging

Shrink wrap is one of the most useful and versatile materials used in packaging. It’s often made up of a polymer or PVC plastic which shrinks tightly over whatever it’s covering with the application of heat. Shrink wrap is commonly used to package and bundle food, boxes, gift baskets, books and other fragile items.

If your business is in need of high-quality shrink film for your packaging needs, or you need a brand new shrink wrapping machine to bundle your materials, call the experts at American Paper & Packaging. We provide shrink wrapping solutions for businesses in need of shrink film as well as high, low and mid-volume machines for any packaging capacity and budget.

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Types at Shrink Film Used for Packaging and Bundling

There are two types of shrink film commonly used for packaging and bundling applications – PVC film and Polyolefin (POF) film. Each type has its own purpose and both are used in a variety of applications:

PVC Shrink FilmPVC Shrink Film

Also known as Polyvinyl chloride film, this type of shrink wrap is used to package boxes, CDs, DVDs, computer software, and other non-edible items. The plasticizer used in PVC hardens in cold conditions and softens under heat, and it requires proper ventilation when used since it releases hydrogen Chloride into the air. PVC is generally not used to package food or edible items.

Polyolefin Shrink FilmPOF Shrink Film

This shrink wrap is the preferred choice when packaging both edible and non-edible products, including, food, drink, glass, and other fragile items. This type of film is FDA approved, and has excellent performance on all types of manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic shrink wrapping equipment.


AP&P also offers a wide range of shrink film material for a variety of uses, including: 


Flat Shrink BagsFlat Shrink Bag

Flat shrink bags are pre-made PVC shrink wrap bags that help your company save time. These bags are great for packaging things like DVDs, CDs, books, calendars, and software parts. They’re easy to use with a simple application of a heat gun.

Domed Shrink BagsDomed Shrink Bags

Domed shrink bags are manufactured from clear PVC flim and are great for wrapping gift baskets with large handles, creating a clean professional look. They’re easily applied with the simple application of a heat gun.

Shrink Film TubingShrink Film Tubing

Shrink tubing wrap shrinks and seals at a lower temperature, allowing for faster production time and easier use. The tubing is a clear plastic which allows for custom shrink bag sizes with the application of a heat gun or shrink wrapping equipment.

Service KitsService Kits

The super sealer shrink film service kit provides you with everything you need to start and finish a shrink wrap project. This kit includes a sealing pad, glass cloth tape strips for sealing pad replacement, arm spring, micro switch, a fuse, and more.

Heat GunsHeat Guns

Heat guns are a necessity when using shrink film to bundle your packages. Heat is what allows the plastic film to shrink and tighten over the package, creating a strong waterproof seal around the product or products being bundled.


Multi-Purpose Heat Guns for Maximum Efficiency

Heat guns are a necessity when using shrink film to bundle your packages. Heat is what allows the plastic film to shrink and tighten over the package, creating a strong waterproof seal around the product or products being bundled. You can find high-quality, affordable heat guns to help with your shrink wrapping right here at AP&P’s online store.

We also offer automatic and semi-automatic shrink wrapping machines for all your company’s packaging and bundling needs. Products made of plastic, metal, cardboard, or glass are protected from moisture damage with shrink wrap film, as well as offers consumers the certainty of tamper-free products in perfect condition. American Paper & Packaging specializes in setting businesses up with the best shrink wrapping equipment for their products and manufacturing needs!

AP&P supplies a wide range of packaging products with features including:Shrink Wrapping and Product Sealing Machine Sales

Get High-Quality Shrink Film for Less!

When your company needs quality packaging material to ensure your products are protected from moisture and breakage, shrink film is the way to go. Get in touch with one of our packaging professionals to learn more about our PVC and Polyolefin shrink film, as well as our automatic and semi-automatic shrink wrapping machines.

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