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Logistics Management Solutions

Logistics Solutions from Wisconsin Packaging Distributor

Improve your business’ efficiency and productivity by eliminating the task of taking inventory of your corrugated packaging, janitorial cleaning chemicals, and other supplies from AP&P. With our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system, we monitor your stock of our products. When your inventory starts to run low, we automatically place an order for more. You’ll be restocked before you even have the chance to run out. By optimizing your supply chain and aiding logistics, VMI services maximize the effectiveness of your company.

Inventory Made Easier

AP&P manages inventory on a variety of products, including:

Reclosable Colored Poly Bags
Poly bags for coding inventory

Use reclosable colored poly bags to code parts and inventory. These bags keep products protected from dirt and moisture. Available in black, blue, red, white, yellow and green.


Kraft Reverse Tuck Folding Cartons
Kraft reverse tuck folding cartons

Die-cut from .024 fiberboard, these folding cartons are both lightweight and secure. Kraft cartons meet PPP-B-566 federal standards and contain a pye-lock tuck. Multiple sizes are available, with widths ranging from less than an inch to four inches. These cartons are perfect for packaging small parts.


Easy Order Inventory Packs
inventory sticker packs

These colored rolls of inventory stickers come with 500 labels per roll. Labels can be 2" x 3” rectangles or 2” circles in shape. Get a box of either all 12 months or numbers 0-10.

Pre-Wired Carbon Inventory Tags
Pre-wired carbon inventory tags

Keep inventory in order with two-part carbon style tags. These inventory tags are comprised of a printed white top sheet with a manila base stock. The numbers are printed consecutively on both copies and are reinforced with tear-resistant eyelets.

Tape Logic® Water Activated Tape
Tape Logic reinforced water activated tape

This reinforced tape will bond to all corrugated surfaces instantly. Tough fiberglass yarn provides both strength and flexibility. Seal corners and irregular surfaces with an instant tamper-evident bond. Water Activated Tape withstands extreme heat and cold.

Industrial Loose Fill
industrial loose fill packing peanuts

Cushion your products with polystyrene packing peanuts. The interlocking shape prevents contents from setting. This economical fill is available in both 7 cubic foot bags (UPSable) and 20 cubic foot bags (ship via truck only).

Indented Kraft Paper
Indented Kraft packing paper

Kraft Paper is used for wrapping, interleaving and void fills. The material is soft, absorbent and non-abrasive. Keep products protected with biodegradable and recyclable Kraft Paper. The product is available in both sheet bundles and rolls.

Super Duty Self-Seal BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies
Super duty self-seal bubble pouch

For heavy or fragile items, super duty BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies protect products with extra cushioning and secure closures. Bubbles are surrounded by smooth layers of polyethylene, allowing products to slide in and out easily.

Medium-Duty Edge Protectors
Edge protectors medium duty

Stabilize inventory and improve load stacking in warehouse storage.  Edge protectors offer support for double stacking pallets of strapped or wrapped loads. Eliminate shifting and prevent damage with edge protectors, available in light, medium, and heavy-duty options.

Corrugated Boxes
corrugated boxes

Get industry-standard boxes, available in hundreds of dimension options. Boxes ship and store flat to save space. Corrugated boxes can be bought in either bundles or bales. Order anywhere from 25 to 1,000,000+. Our VMI service team will make sure you always have the right amount of boxes to package your products.

White Rectangle Laser Labels
rectangle laser labels

Create your own product or mailing labels, available in sheets or bulk packed master cases. The labels work with laser or inkjet printers and stick to most smooth surfaces with a permanent adhesive. Laser labels are commonly used on paper, corrugated boxes, plastic, wood, glass and metal.

Cast Machine Stretch Film
clear stretch film for casting machines

Wrap efficiently. This film stretches up to two and a half its initial size. It works great with film casting equipment, releasing smoothly and with minimal noise. The film is clear so that bar codes and labels are easy to read.

Logistics Management Solutions

Custom Plans and Solutions for Your Business

Along with Vendor Managed Inventory, we’ll design a custom Logistics Management Program (LMP) to meet your unique needs. We deliver unequaled value—every employee is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We develop custom packaging, warehousing solutions, and more to provide your business with the optimal logistics plan. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure you have what you need to keep your business running efficiently.

What is Logistics Management?

In terms of a supply chain, logistics refers to the strategic planning and coordination of transporting products between facilities, vendors, and customers in order to meet consumer demands.

The process of logistics planning spans from the production of goods to the final delivery. Poor logistics management, from late deliveries to damaged goods, increases costs and slows down business as your company struggles to catch up. At AP&P, our logistics specialists reduce costs, improve customer service, and provide packaging solutions.

Improve Your Logistics

Logistics Services for Wisconsin Businesses

Custom Logistics PackagingAP&P’s customer support team can work with you to keep your business running efficiently. Our services and solutions include:

A Logistic Management Program (LMP) is a custom plan involving a network of industry partnerships and specialty services tailored to your company's needs. Whether you need custom packaging or VMI services to maximize productivity, we will design a program around your business and specialize it to fit your unique needs.

Custom Corrugated Packaging

Logistic Management Programs from AP&P feature custom boxes and other packaging solutions designed for unique products. By pairing stretch film wrapping, poly bags, and custom corrugated and chipboard boxes we create specialized packages for a variety of products. Our packaging products include:

We can design a custom packaging solution for any product, ensuring they arrive safely.

Standard and Stock Packaging Solutions

We do more than just custom work. If you need standard packaging materials, AP&P can help. We offer stock corrugated and chipboard boxes, poly bags, BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies, stretch film, packaging tape, and more. We can help you quickly ship your products and find a packaging solution that fits in with your custom Logistics Management Program.

BUBBLE WRAP is a trademark of Sealed Air Corp.

Contact our logistics management experts for a custom program for your business. You Need It – We Get It!