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Shipping Mailers and Envelopes

American Paper and Packaging is your Mailing Envelope Supplier

When your retail business or eCommerce or marketing company needs to ship smaller or flat items like important documents, photographs, picture frames, or magazines, turn to the packaging suppliers at AP&P for quality poly and chipboard mailer envelopes. We stock a wide range of wholesale envelopes and mailers. From BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailer envelopes to express priority envelopes, we have the packaging solutions you're looking for.

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Black Flat Mailer
Black Flat Mailer for Sale

Our self-seal black flat mailers serve as protective packaging for mailing documents and photos. The black coloring adds style and sophistication to whatever document you’ll mail. Business documents, sympathy cards/gifts, and other important documents will take on a visually striking look when shipped in something other than the usual plain cardboard color.

Express Priority Mailing Envelopes
Express Priority Mailing Envelopes for Sale

Constructed from white chipboard, AP&P’s express priority pouch mailers are perfect for any of your Wisconsin, U.S., or international shipment needs. Its durable chipboard construction ensures your document will arrive undamaged and the express priority print communicates the urgency of delivery. Purchase our express priority bulk envelopes today for peace of mind!

Kraft Style Mailers
Bulk Kraft Style Mailers for Sale

An inexpensive option, our Kraft mailers are made of strong chipboard packaging materials and are best suited for protecting photos and documents for nationwide or global shipping. Made with .036 Kraft chipboard, they’re lightweight yet durable. Sold in case quantities, you can purchase our Kraft mailers in wholesale or in smaller quantities.

Kraft Self-Sealing Mailing Envelopes
Bulk Kraft Self-Sealing Mailers for Sale

Slightly different than our Kraft mailers, our Kraft self-seal mailers are made of .028 kraft chipboard and are still lightweight, but strong. Protect your child’s artwork or a family photo when shipping your items in this mailer, and use the peel and seal closure for secure shipping. Our Kraft self-seal protective packaging products are available in case quantities.

Utility Mailers
Bulk Utility Mailers for Sale

AP&P’s Utility mailers are available in Kraft and White. Our environmentally-friendly mailers are 100% recyclable. A top-loading design and pressure-sensitive closure with tear strip make for easy opening. Our Utility mailers are great for mailing soft goods, photographs, documents – home or business, and other promotional items of your choosing.

White Chipboard Mailer
White Chipboard Mailer for Sale

Also sold in case quantities, our chipboard packaging mailer can help protect photos and documents during mailing either statewide in Wisconsin or internationally. Their lightweight build will save you money on postage, and their tab lock closure keeps your mailed materials secure through transit. Send out magazines, resumes, catalogs and more with these classic white mailers.

Gusseted White Envelope Mailer
Gusseted White Envelope Mailer for Sale

Perfect for shipping business documents or other important papers, our White Gusseted mailers are built from .020 white chipboard. These mailers have a gusset that can expand to hold any items up to 1” wide. A peel and seal closure makes packaging easy and a pull tab tear strip allows for simple opening. Bulk gusseted envelopes are perfect for high-volume shipping.

White Self-Sealing Chipboard Envelope
White Self-Sealing Chipboard Envelope for Sale

Keep it traditional with our white self-seal mailers. A peel and seal adhesive closure and pull tab tear strip keep packing and opening a simple process. These rigid self-seal mailers are great also for important documents or treasured memories. The white makes a great package for anything wedding-related, such as shipping glamorous invitations to the workplace.

White Side Loading
White Side Loading for Sale

Our final flat mailer product available, the white side-loading mailer is made from strong chipboard to protect valuable photos or documents during shipment. Its low weight saves on postage, and features a side opening for easy inserting and retrieving. Sold in case quantities, it would be best suited for corporations or businesses with high volumes of paperwork.

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Poly Mailers

Perfect Packaging Solutions for Fragile Goods

Shop AP&P’s impressive online selection of packaging supplies for shipping/storage, including:

AP&P offers durable, convenient poly mailers in a variety of styles and colors, including: black, blue, yellow, and red. These multifunctional and all-purpose shipping containers can be used for mailing shirts, pens, and other products across the country.

Available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and quantities, they can serve any business or home mailing needs. Poly mailers can help keep items unmarked and undamaged during long-distance shipments and serve as essential armor for your mail with protected packaging.

We ship our poly mailers to businesses in:

Contact our Wisconsin Packaging Offices at 414-462-8560 for more information regarding our poly mailers.

BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies Lined Mailers
Bubble Lined Poly Mailer for Sale

These poly mailers are great for winter or spring seasons as they have moisture resistance polyethylene bags with a thick, tamper- and tear-resistant BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies lining. These lightweight poly mailers save you money with lower shipping costs.

Clear View Mailers
Clear View Poly Mailer for Sale

Made with tear-resistant poly, these see-through keep the contents—such as catalogs, brochures, magazines, and other items with photographic elements—visible. The back of the bag is opaque so information and postage has a place on this mailer.

Colored Mailers
Colored Poly Mailer for Sale

With black, red, blue, and yellow available, choose a color to match your logo or product, or simply to make your shipment stand out. Made from durable polyethylene, these poly mailers are puncture-, water-, and tear-resistant.

Expansion Mailers
Bulk Colored Poly Mailer for Sale

Constructed specifically for your larger mailing needs, binders, books, and even catalogs ship well in our expansion poly mailers. These mailers are moisture-, tear-, and puncture-resistant. With a white exterior and silver inner lining, it exudes a professional sense of style and is easy to open.

Long Envelope Mailers
Bulk Long Envelope Poly Mailer for Sale

Manufactured at longer lengths, this poly mailer can ship parts, fabric, and even packaging or wallpaper. Like our other available poly mailers, our long options are also made from polyethylene and feature water, puncture, and tear resistance.

Returnable Mailer Envelopes
Returnable Poly Mailer for Sale

Our returnable poly mailers are the same ones used by major online retailers. With two adhesive strips, you can mail out an original shipment and have a second strip of adhesive for your client, friend, or family to use to either return an item or reuse it for something else.

All Poly Mailers

Searching for custom packing solutions? Wisconsin packaging company AP&P has you covered with our Custom Packaging Page where you can find everything you need for custom packing.

Flat Mailers

Wisconsin’s Best Chipboard Material Packaging Products

Shop online for AP&P’s packaging supplies, we have the best products available - including:Krafts flat Mailers for Sale in Wisconsin

Whether you’re buying flat mailers wholesale or individually, AP&P’s corrugated flat mailers don’t bend, stay flat, and help protect any shipping needs you have. From shipping photos, documents, artwork, diplomas, records, and other fragile items, our durable lightweight flat mailers will keep your shipments protected and undamaged.

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Have any questions regarding our flat mailers? Contact our Wisconsin Packaging Offices at 414-462-8560 for more information.

BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies Mailers

The Best Packaging Solutions for Lightweight Protection

Small packages that only require a little protection are often mailed in BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies-lined Kraft paper mailers. With their lightweight protection and secure, tamper-evident closure, BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailers are one of the most popular mailers companies like yours use to send small packages or important documents. With both “peel and stick” lip and heat seal mailers available, you’re sure to have all the BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailers you need for your particular application.

The types of BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailers we have available include:

Kraft Self-Seal BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies Mailers
Kraft Self-Seal Bubble Mailers for Sale

With an exterior of recycled golden Kraft paper, these self-seal BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailers provide your products with the lightweight protection it needs when shipping important documents, magazines, small items, and even fragile picture frames.

White Self-Seal BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies Mailers
Bulk White Self-Seal Bubble Mailers

Constructed from white chipboard, AP&P’s express priority pouch mailers are perfect for any of your Wisconsin, U.S., or international shipment needs. Its durable chipboard construction ensures your document will arrive undamaged and the express priority print communicates the urgency of delivery. Purchase our express priority mailer today for peace of mind!

Kraft Self-Seal BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies Mailers with Tear Strip
Bulk Kraft Self-Seal Bubble Mailers with Tear Strip

These BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailers are equipped with a sealing lip as well as a tear strip for quick and easy opening. With a recycled golden Kraft paper exterior and a lightweight bubble-wrapping interior, these mailers provide the best protection for your documents or small objects. 

Kraft Heat-Seal BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies Mailers
Kraft Heat-Seal Bubble Mailers for Sale

Similar to the self-seal BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailers, heat seal bubble-lined mailers can be taped, stapled, or heat sealed to close. They offer BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies protection for whatever you need to ship, including important documents and small, lightweight parts. 

Glamour BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies Mailers
Glamour Bubble Mailers for Sale

If you’re looking for something more unique than simple golden Kraft paper BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailers, our glamour BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailers show off a beautiful shiny metallic exterior available in eight different colors: silver, gold, red, black, pink, purple, green, and blue.

Poly BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies Mailers
Poly Bubble Mailers for Sale Online

Our polyethylene BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailers offer more cushioning and moisture resistance than recycled Kraft paper BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailers. With their lightweight design, tamper-resistant structure, and self-seal properties, poly BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailers are a standard for companies all over the country.

Cool Shield BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies Mailers
Bulk Cool Shield Bubble Mailers

Cool shield BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailers are an economical choice when shipping perishable or temperature-sensitive items. The outer lining is made of thermal materials which helps the inside maintain a certain temperature, and make the packaging puncture- and water-resistant.

We ship our poly bubble mailers to businesses in:

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BUBBLE WRAP is a trademark of Sealed Air Corp.

Contact American Paper and Packaging to learn more about our packaging solutions for your business.

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