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Bubble, Foam, & Loose Fill Packaging Supplies

American Paper and Packaging is Your Bubble Wrap, Foam Cushioning, and Industrial Loose Fill Supplier

Anytime your retail business or eCommerce or marketing company needs to ship fragile items, turn to the packaging suppliers at AP&P for top-notch bubble wrap, foam cushioning, and industrial loose-fill supplies to help ensure the safety of your products. We stock a wide variety of options; from bubble wrap and film to foam rolls and convoluted foam sets to environmentally friendly industrial loose fill. We offer custom packaging solutions to ensure that your product ships in complete safety. 

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Paper Cushioning & Void Fill Packaging Supplies

Check out AP&P's recyclable paper wrapping, cushioning and void fill solutions. 

Mini Pak’r Air Cushioning Rollswholesale air Cushioning Rolls

Air cushions provide a cost-effective alternative to loose fill. They are designed with air cushioning film technology that allows air to move between pockets to prevent popping. Get them as air pillows or bubble quilts.

Kraft Paper
Wholesale Kraft Paper

Choose from a variety of 100% recyclable kraft paper rolls, excellent for wrapping, interleaving or void fill. Some texture and strength choices include poly-coated, waxed and reinforced.

Tissue Paper
Wholesale Tissue Paper

Our tissue paper comes in two categories: industrial grade and gift grade. Both are great for void fill or protecting fragile objects.

Wholesale Newsprint Paper

Newsprint makes an economical void fill and stuffing. We offer clean, unprinted newsprint made from 100% recycled paper.

Singleface Corrugated
Wholesale Singleface

Singleface can protect metal and glass parts. One side is corrugated for extra cushion and crush resistance. Singleface is flexible and conforms to all shapes.  

Make-A-Box Cohesive Singleface
Wholesale Singleface Cohesive

This corrugated single face comes with a cold seal cohesive that sticks to itself without the need for tape or glue. Perfect for making custom boxes.

Versa-Pak™ Master Rolls
Wholesale Versapak Cellulose Wadding

Versa-Pak™ Cellulose Wadding is soft and easily conforms to any shape. Formerly known as Kimpak®, this wadding absorbs oils and water and can be recycled.

Instapak Quick®
Instapak Quick

Instapak® is foam in a bag that provides a protective cushion in an instant. Perfect for small to medium-sized packaging.

VCI Products
Wholesale VCI Packaging

Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) paper is used to cover metal parts that may rust, corrode or oxidize. We offer plenty of VCI packaging solutions for metal parts, from stretch film to flat bags.


Prevent chemical and liquid spills with Vermiculite. We offer a range of grades from fine to extra coarse.

Roll Paper Cutters
Roll Paper Cutter

Get the right amount of wrapping or cushioning with a roll paper cutter. These paper cutters slice paper evenly and smoothly. The cutters are available as horizontal, vertical or double.

Kraft Paper Crumpler
Wholesale Kraft Paper Crumpler

This paper crumpler saves the time and energy of crumpling paper by hand for faster void fill. The device holds rolls up to 24”.

Bubble Wrap Packaging Supplies

We offer a variety of durable and convenient bubble packaging products in an assortment of colors and styles. These products will allow you to ship your fragile items around the globe rest assured they’ll make it to their destination protected and fully intact.

Shop AP&P’s impressive online selection of bubble packaging supplies for shipping and storage including but not limited to:

Bubble Rolls 

Air bubble makes excellent cushioning and void-fill protecting against shock, abrasion and vibration. We stock 3/16" bubble which offers light cushioning for small items, 5/16" bubble for medium items, and 1/2" bubble for large items. All of our bubble rolls are sold in 48" master bundles.

Bubble Bags

Save time using an assortment of our bubble bag products by just peeling the tap and sealing the bag. We offer self-seal, flush cut, anti-static, and super duty bubble bags made durable to protect your products. Whether you’re buying wholesale or individually, AP&P has the best products at the best prices.Wholesale Bubble packaging products for sale online

Anti-Static Bubble

Air bubble makes excellent cushioning and protects against shock, abrasion and vibration. Pink anti-static bubble provides both cushioning and static protection for any electronic component to help ensure the safety of your products regardless of the distance they’re traveling.

Adhesive Bubble

Adhesive air bubble rolls stick directly to your product and won’t leave any residue behind. Easy to apply and remove, they are perforated every 12" for easy tear-off.

Cohesive Bubble

No tape needed! Cohesive Air Bubble only sticks to itself and not to your products. These make wrapping fast and easy and won’t leave a residue on your products. Like adhesive air bubble rolls, they are perforated every 12" for easy tear-off.

Bubble Corner Guards

Used to protect artwork, frames, and mirrors from damage to corners, our bubble corner guards are made from heavy-duty 3/16" bubble. Transparent and durable corners slip on and off easily and are perforated on a roll for efficient shipping, storage and dispensing.

Available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and quantities, AP&P can serve any of your business or home mailing needs. Bubble packaging can help keep products stable and protected, and most importantly undamaged. These can be used for shipments of any distance and serve as an essential shield for your products requiring protected packaging.


Contact our Wisconsin Packaging Offices at 414-462-8560 for more information regarding our bubble packaging products.


Foam Cushioning Packaging Supplies

Shop online for AP&P’s foam packaging supplies, we have the best products available for all your shipping needs including:

Foam Rolls

Our non-abrasive, lightweight air foam is filled with thousands of cushioning air cells to protect your product. Shock-absorbing foam protects delicate items, provides light cushioning, and surface protection while being moisture resistant.Wholsale Foam Packaging

Flush Cut Foam Pouches

AP&P’s non-abrasive, polyethylene air foam is made from 1/8" polyethylene foam and is cut and sealed to form a convenient lightweight bag. It is great for small parts protection and is also available in Pink Anti-Static.

Anti-Static Foam

AP&P’s non-abrasive, lightweight air foam is filled with thousands of cushioning air cells to shield your product with shock-absorbing foam protects delicate items. Pink anti-static foam protects sensitive electronic components from static discharge and provides light cushioning and surface protection while also being moisture-resistant.

Foam Sheets

Our lightweight, 1/8" pre-cut polyethylene foam sheets save packing time. It is non-abrasive foam that will not scratch or mark. It can be used to wrap small items as well as be used as a cushioning layer pad while being moisture resistant

Convoluted Foam Sets

Custom cut this soft and cushioning light-weight convoluted foam to the size you need. Egg crate foam provides professional looking cushioning and is great for padding shipments. The total set height is 2" and the base is 3/4" while the sets are two sheets of interlocking foam.

Foam Corner and Edge Protectors

These products will help ensure the protection of your items regardless of the distance they travel. Adding foam corners and edges are going the extra mile to show the receiver the package was sent with care.


Looking for custom packing solutions? Turn to Wisconsin’s best packaging company AP&P and check out our Custom Packaging Page where you can find exactly what you need for custom packing.


Industrial Loose Fill Packaging SuppliesIndustrial loose fill packaging supplies for sale online

Browse AP&P’s stock of loose-fill packaging products, we have the best products available at unbeatable prices including but not limited to:

White Industrial Loose Fill

Polystyrene packing peanuts cushion contents on all sides and the interlocking shape prevents contents from setting. Industrial loose fill is economical, fast and easy-to-use void fill.

Anti-Static Industrial Loose Fill

Made from pink anti-static polystyrene anti-static industrial loose fill provides an interlocking shape that prevents contents from setting. Economical, fast, and easy-to-use for filling voids.

Environmentally Industrial Friendly Loose Fill

Made from starch-based, annually renewable resources, this environmentally friendly industrial loose-fill disintegrates in water, leaves no harmful residue, and is dust-free. It is also anti-static and abrasion-resistant.

Industrial Loose Fill Dispensers

This simple to use industrial loose fill dispenser Includes rope and 2 pulleys, a heavy-duty woven polyethylene bag which has reinforced flexible tubing attached and dispenses all types of loose-fill. Mount it to the warehouse ceiling and then squeeze the spring-loaded scissors to release the right amount of peanut to save time on all your shipping packaging. 


Contact AP&P for custom cushioning and void fill solutions.


Carton Sealers, Shrink Wrapping & Bagging Equipment for Shipping

American Paper & Packaging elevates the productivity of warehousing, shipping and manufacturing companies by providing the latest industrial packaging machines. AP&P’s efficiency experts offer supply line and process consultation to supply your company with the perfect machinery to fit your unique needs.

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Available Packaging Equipment

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