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Custom & Specialty Wholesale Packaging Products

Unique Displays, Packages, and Interior Box Protection

Custom Packaging Solutions WisconsinA leading company in the packaging industry, AP&P does more than offer business solutions, stock packaging, and cleaning products. We design and manufacture many custom and specialty products for a variety of applications. Whether you need to ship complex aircraft components or delicate lenses, our packaging engineers have years of experience creating custom wholesale packaging solutions for our customers. We deliver unmatched value on all services and ensure every custom display and package meets your standards.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Between saving you money, time, and space with shipments, AP&P is an eco-conscious company offering custom packaging products to individuals and companies in Wisconsin who are facing unique packaging challenges. Shipping delicate or fragile items can be a tedious process, but AP&P offers custom packing solutions to give you a literal perfect fit for items in your shipments. We have had a number of successes with custom packaging solutions, including:

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Mini Pak’r Air Cushioning Rollsair Cushioning Rolls

Air cushions provide a cost-effective alternative to loose fill. They are designed with air cushioning film technology that allows air to move between pockets to prevent popping. Get them as air pillows or BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies quilts.

Anti-Static Industrial Loose Fill
Antistatic Loose Fill

These pink polystyrene packing peanuts are static resistant. The interlocking “S” shape keeps items from setting.

Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Resin Thermal Transfer

These resin thermal transfer ribbons can print quickly at lower temperatures, reducing printhead costs and energy usage. The labels print clearly and are scratch, abrasion, chemical and heat resistant. For use with Zebra or Datamax printers.

Foam Shippers
Foam Shippers

Convoluted foam is attached to the top and bottom of corrugated shippers to prevent slipping. The shipper is designed with locking tabs for extra security.

Insulated Shipping Kits
Insulated Shippers

These kits contain 200#/ECT-32 white corrugated carton and a molded EPS foam container with a tight-fitting lid. The carton is printed with Rush, Perishable and This Side Up shipping instructions.

Telescoping Boxes
Telescoping Boxes

These boxes are great for unusual shapes. The HSC style carton can be used on its own or with another piece for an adjustable set.

Tape Logic® Adhesive Transfer Tape
Adhesive Transfer Tape

This pressure-sensitive tape without backing is easily applied to smooth surfaces. Great for adhering dissimilar materials seamlessly.

Multi-Depth Boxes
Multi-depth boxes

These 200#/ECT-32 kraft corrugated boxes offer a choice in size, saving time and storage space. The cartons are scored at intervals and can be cut down at the desired height.

Marsh® Stencil Machine
Stencil machine

This stencil machine quickly creates custom stencils into oil boards with automatic spacing. The machine has corrosion-resistant cutting edges and alloy punch.

Goodwrappers® Color-Tinted Cast Stretch Film
Stretch Film

This stretch film comes with for easy pallet hand-wrapping. The colors are transparent but visible enough for identifying shipments. The film is available in five colors: red, blue, green, black and orange.

VCI Poly TubingVCI poly tubing custom packaging

Ship metal parts without oil or grease in this corrosion-resistant polyethylene poly tubing. The tubing can be cut to make custom length bags.

Crinkle PaperCrinkle paper custom packaging solutions

These colorful zigzag paper strips add personality to gift boxes and baskets. Our crinkle paper is available in a wide variety of colors, including several Metallic options.

Our custom packaging and products protect small and large shipments. Our custom packaging options and design services will increase your company’s profitability and efficiency by decreasing shipping and handling time and reducing the chances of damage to your products with more secure packages. A wide selection of custom packaging equipment is available for your residential, commercial, and industrial operations, including:

Contact American Paper and Packaging regarding your specialty packaging boxes today. Invest in custom boxes and other packaging supplies to not only increase the safety of your shipments but also display them in a professional and impressive manner.

Custom Corrugated Boxes and Inserts

There is no “one size fits all” packaging design. Every product is unique and demands an equally unique solution. We utilize a variety of cushioning and interior box packaging materials to create custom packaging and product display packaging options. Our packaging components include:

A combination of materials make up a custom packaging solution for your product and ensure secure shipment. Inserts and dividers prevent products from damaging each other inside the box, while stretch film protects the outside moisture and shifting caused by instability. Whether your product is delicate and fragile or heavy and complex, AP&P is your custom packaging supplier for the perfect design.

Custom Containers & Displays

AP&P creates custom point-of-purchase displays and unique containers for a variety of products. Our displays and containers feature custom imagery and unique designs. By combining several services, we create one of a kind containers, signs, and displays. Our services include:

Our custom displays showcase your product, providing an eye-catching professional presence. A custom display printed with your logo and custom design will grab customers’ attention in any retail store. Whether you’re a well-known company or a new startup, your products will stand out against the competitors with AP&P's custom packaging designs and displays.

Specialty Packaging Products

Custom and Specialty PackagingOur specialty packaging products make preparing products for shipment a breeze. We carry a variety of tapes, wrapping equipment, and more to ensure you get the job done right. Our specialty products include:

Our wide selection of hand stretch film rolls includes opaque black film to hide contents and prevent theft, as well as a variety of colors for easy identification of shipments and inventory. Make wrapping even simpler with machine stretch film, stretch film dispensers, and other equipment. Our specialty products make shipping and handling easy. Whatever you need to do, you can do it better with specialty packaging products from AP&P.

Point of Purchase Displays and Graphics Packaging

AP&P can work with you to successfully market your products. Working with a variety of substrates, we can design eye-catching graphics and structure to help you sell your products in a retail environment. Whether you need a pretty box or a floor standing display, we can help!

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Contact our custom packaging company for unique products and shipping supplies. You Need It… We Get It!