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Wholesale Custom Packaging Solutions for Unique Products

Wisconsin Businesses Rely on Customized Packages from AP&P

Our packaging engineers specialize in designing specially made containers to meet unique product requirements, such as:

Our case studies demonstrate the ingenuity of our packaging engineers. Whether you're a small local business or an international supply chain, our custom packaging solutions protect shipments and save money. From delicate lenses to complex aviation components, AP&P designs and manufactures shipping boxes, totes, or envelopes with foam, corrugated, and other materials for inserts or void fill.

Get started today! Contact our custom packaging experts to discuss what you need and how we can help. We are happy to answer any questions and start planning a unique packaging solution for your products.

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Non-Abrasive Foam Packaging Reduces Damage and Product Handling Time for Delicate Lenses

The customer needed a solution to ship delicate plastic lenses in large quantities across the country. The current method of individually wrapping each lens proved ineffective, resulting in frequent scratching and damage. Our packaging engineers devised a protective tray system with non-abrasive foam to securely hold each lens. This solution has significantly reduced scratching, damage, and product handling time.

Dustless Packaging for Delivery to a Dust-Free Facility

A customer was shipping high-tech, low-profile conveyors to a dust-free environment and required dustless packaging to avoid contamination. Our packaging experts worked with the customer to design a tailor-made solution.

Each conveyor was bagged prior to shipment, ensuring the products were kept free of any dust. We designed a dustless foam partition to evenly space and support the products, filling the extra space with dustless void fill and cushioning. Our inside-the-box thinking for this custom packaging solution ensured a dust-free and safe delivery of the conveyors.

Eco-Friendly Reusable Foam Inserts and Corrugated Void Fill for Veterinary Supplies

One of the largest distributors of veterinary supplies, equipment, software, diagnostic products, and vaccines called on our custom packaging expertise to ship throughout the US and UK.

To reduce the impact on the environment, they asked for reusable foam inserts and corrugated void fill instead of foam. Certain products, such as anesthesia systems, required packaging designed to allow the user to assemble the unit as they took it out of the box. Our custom packaging solutions have saved money, package space, and the environment.

Durable Custom Packages for Shipping High-End Aviation Products Coast to Coast

A world leader in aviation products routinely calls on AP&P’s custom packaging expertise for assistance shipping new products. Our custom packaging designers have created numerous durable packages for shipping aviation products and supplies across the country and back again. From oversize packages to small anti-static trays for internal use, this aviation supplier counts on our expertise as they develop new products for the high-end aviation industry.

Contact our custom packaging specialists to design the perfect, unique package for your products.

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