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Our Process

Our Purpose
WHY we do what we do

AP&P is a premier distributor of wholesale Packaging, Industrial Supplies and Equipment. Our passion is to create unequaled success for our customers, our suppliers, and our people. Our goal is to align with business partners that are seeking to achieve the optimum possible cost savings in their supply chain, by focusing on a holistic approach to maximize efficiency and productivity gains. We utilize a unique, collaborative proven process to identify goals and discover opportunities to reduce costs. Based on your data, this process provides a guide and a pathway to achieving potential savings. We refer to this analysis as “1:1 Supply Chain Optimization”. Overall we judge our success by saving money for our customers!

Our Proven Process
HOW we do what we do
The Discovery
  • - Time is money! we initially meet to align and understand our mutual goals and expectations.
  • - The Discovery Meeting - Typically takes 1-2 hrs.
Data & Operational Analysis
  • - Collaboratively, we perform a comprehensive data and informational gathering session to fully understand your Acquisition, Possession and Application processes.
  • - Jointly, we identify and prioritize the opportunities for cost savings, based on your data.
The Turnaround Proposal
  • - Potential Product, Process and Productivity savings are evaluated.
  • - Recommendations and insight are then presented to the decision makers to create success.
Validation & Confirmation
  • - We mutually demonstrate, test and validate the proposed solutions.
  • - We quantify the impact of the solutions.
  • - We commit together to strategy for implementation.
The Rollout Plan
  • - We establish a roadmap of success criteria and launch new solutions.
  • - We then measure and review results, making any required changes.
Continuous Improvement
  • - We continuously identify new opportunities for success within your Supply Chain.
  • - We repeat the Proven Process - Propose, Confirm, and Deliver on-going Savings.
Doing the Unique
WHAT we do
  • - We optimize the Productivity and Processes within your supply chain
  • - We use your data to quantify savings within our Elevate Analysis Tool!
  • - We do it your way because you are unique!
"1:1 Supply Chain Optimization = $ucce$$"

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