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Wholesale Stretch Film Wrap for Sale in Wisconsin

Stretch Film for Sale Online

When you’re looking for efficient ways to bundle your equipment together easily and keep it at an affordable price, wholesale stretch film wrap is a great solution. This highly stretchable material is often made of low-density polyethylene plastic (LDPE), and the film is able to stretch up to 250% of its regular size to keep all items tightly bound. The clear see-through film makes your package’s bar codes and shipping information clearly visible and easy to read, ensuring that stretch film packaging can be the best option for your packaging solutions.

AP&P is your leading supplier of all types of packaging films and bundling products used in a wide range of shipment applications for retail businesses and eCommerce businesses. Contact us today to learn more, or check out our online store to find the best stretch film rolls at the most affordable prices:

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What Stretch Film is Best for Your Particular Application?

Hand Stretch Film
Cast Hand Stretch Film for Sale

Hand stretch film is a common type of polyethylene film used to package and bundle together pallets and shipments. This kind of film comes in two main types, including:

  • Cast Hand Stretch Film – a standard form of clear hand stretch film, cast stretch film releases from the roll smoothly and efficiently and is able to bundle items together effectively and with little effort.
  • Blown Hand Stretch Film – with a much better holding and puncture-resistant material than cast stretch film, blown stretch film is commonly used for bundling irregularly shaped packages.

Extended Core
Extended Core Bundling Film for Sale

This type of hand stretch film has an extended core to act as built-in handles when rolling the film, ensuring your shipments will be bundled correctly every time. Some of the extended core films AP&P offers include:

  • Stretch Film – a high-quality clear film with an extended core that acts as built-in handles. Each roll of film is ready to use right out the box. 
  • Bundling Film – the easy-to-hold extended core allows you to use the clear stretch film easily and efficiently while not leaving a residue on the products. 

Bundling Film
Clear Bundling Film for Sale Online

Bundling stretch film uses a smaller dispenser to wrap up smaller packages and shipments rather than larger pallets. Some of the bundling films we offer at AP&P include:

  • Clear – Clear bundling stretch film is a more economical way to combine items for shipment, and this quiet and clear cast film is available to purchase in large quantities.  
  • Goodwrappers® – AP&P offers patented stretch film Goodwrappers® for companies like yours to help reduce friction and preserve tension control.

Industrial Foam Grip Dispenser for Sale

In order to use the stretch film to wrap and bundle packages, you need a high-quality dispenser in order to do it. Some of the dispensers we offer at AP&P include:

  • Industrial foam grip – a dispenser that features handle control for even stretch film wrapping placement. It can adjust to accommodate various roll widths, making it usable with various types of hand stretch film rolls. 
  • Heavy-duty knob grip – features ball bearing tension control for even wrapping and friction prevention when dispensing the plastic film.
  • Heavy-duty handle grip – a thicker, more heavy-duty dispenser that makes applying the stretch film easier and evener.
  • Hand-saver dispenser – hand-saver dispenser helps make applying stretch film easier by preventing friction on hands.
  • Hand-saver dispenser with tensioner – a dispenser to help make applying stretch film easier, and can be used with all 3” core hand stretch film rolls.

Color Film
Color Film for Sale in Bulk

A color-tinted stretch film is a great option for inventory control and easy carrier identification. Some of the color stretch film we offer at AP&P include:

  • Hand stretch film – a standard form of color hand stretch film, hand stretch film releases from the roll smoothly and efficiently.
  • Bundling film – the easy-to-hold extended core allows you to use the clear stretch film easily and efficiently while not leaving a residue on the products.

Anti-Static Film
Anti-Static Film for Sale Online

Anti-static stretch film protects shipments from static discharge. The film is incorporated with an anti-static agent that keeps shipments clean and intact. This 80 gauge cast film is for loads up to 2500 lbs.

VCI Stretch Film
Bulk VCI Stretch Film for Sale

AP&P offers high-quality VCI stretch film, a material with corrosion inhibitors embedded in the film itself. It’s perfect for wrapping large and irregular shaped metal parts and is available for hand film and machine length dispensers.

Stretch Netting for Sale Online

Stretch Netting is used to keep products secure while still allowing for airflow. Netting is mostly used for food industry packages since it helps prevent condensation and allows even ventilation to maintain the same temperature throughout the load.

We provide bulk stretch wrap film and equipment to businesses in:

Wrap Pallets Quickly with Industrial-Grade Stretch Wrapping MachinesTechnoplat508 Robopac

One of the most efficient ways of transporting goods is on a pallet, and stretch film is the best way to ensure your packages stay on the pallet. Industrial stretch wrapping machines from American Paper & Packaging are available to your business at an affordable price to help keep your cargo secure. Whether you’re a high-volume shipper or just need some entry-level pallet wrapping equipment, AP&P will supply your company with the equipment to improve logistics.

AP&P offers a wide range of stretch film wrapping equipment, with options and features such as:

Packaging and Bundling Solutions from AP&P

Affordable, economical solutions to packaging and bundling are only a click away – high-quality stretch film and bundling film allow companies like yours to package and ship large materials together on the same pallet. Whether you’re looking for puncture-resistant stretch film, cast film, anti-static film, or even colored/opaque stretch film, the professionals at AP&P can help you get the best products and the most affordable prices.

Looking for other forms of packaging and bundling your shipments together? American Paper & Packaging offers other forms of packaging solutions for you to choose from, including:

Contact AP&P for a quote on bulk stretch wrap in Brookfield, New Berlin, Green Bay, Appleton, and surrounding Wisconsin cities.

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