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Wholesale Business Solutions for Wisconsin Companies

Packaging Materials, Cleaning Supplies, Safety Products, and Custom Solutions

Packaging and Business Solutions Wisconsin

At AP&P, we provide a wide range of products and services to meet the packaging and business needs of companies throughout Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Madison, and the Fox Valley. For coast-to-coast businesses, our custom wholesale solutions include:

From off-the-shelf products to tailored logistics planning, our expert team works with you to find the perfect business solutions for all your maintenance, safety, and packaging needs.

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Wall-to-Wall Business Solutions

Our experienced sales team uses the ELEVATE process to uncover business trends and opportunities in every corner of your business. This powerful supply chain management tool analyzes data from companies across the globe to identify universal business needs and provide valuable insight and profitable solutions. ELEVATE helps you find global trends and predict outcomes so you can make informed, strategic business decisions, improving your company’s image while decreasing costs. ELEVATE will increase company productivity and efficiency. Ask your AP&P sales representative to find out how ELEVATE can help your company succeed.

Packaging Solutions: Corrugated, Chipboard, BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies, Bags, Stretch Film, and MoreCorrugate Box and Tape

With a huge selection of packaging products available, we’re your one-stop-shop for all packaging materials, including:

We specialize in inside-the-box thinking, providing interior cushioning and protection for all your shipments. Save money and prevent damage to your shipments by securing your products with foam, partitions, or packing peanuts. Keep your company’s shipping process efficient with all the supplies and materials you need on hand.

Janitorial Cleaning Products and Facility and MRO Supplies

Our full line of cleaning products offers all the facility supplies your company needs to maintain a sanitary environment and clean appearance. From mops, brooms, and cleaning chemicals to paper towels, dispensers, and hand sanitizer, we provide janitorial items to keep your business spotless and your employees healthy.

Industrial Safety Products, Equipment, and Gear

Keep your employees safe from injury with cost-saving solutions, from fire extinguishers and first aid kits to dust masks and eye protection. Our selection of safety glasses, coveralls, hard hats, and dust masks shield workers from dangerous materials and equipment, while our trucks, carts, and dollies allow for safe and easy transportation of heavy boxes, equipment, and shipments.

According to Wisconsin and national OSHA regulations for job safety and health protection, employees have the right to a workplace safe from hazards and unsafe or unhealthy conditions. Find all the safety and industrial products necessary to meet and exceed OSHA safety requirements.

Food Services Industry Supplies

From schools and universities to the hospitality and healthcare industries, companies need food supplies and equipment to run their businesses. We have sanitary and safety products to help. Boxes, containers, napkins, towels, tissues, gloves, wipes, and other products can help you more efficiently run your restaurant, hospital or healthcare facility, casino, or any other business.

American Paper & Packaging keeps restaurants and cafeterias running like well-oiled machines. We have the cleaning products you need to deal with spills, and a wide variety of waste containers to keep your facility clean and safe. We also have heavy-duty de-greasers to clean kitchens.

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Logistics Management Solutions

Packaging Material Inventory

Every business has unique needs, so we create unique solutions. Our customized Logistics Management Programs (LMP) can include:

With our VMI system, you never have to worry about running out of packaging materials, cleaning supplies, or safety products. When we see you are getting low, we automatically order more to replenish your stock. Personalize your Logistics Management Program to meet your company’s specific requirements.

Specialty and Custom Packaging Products

Our team of experienced designers creates custom packaging materials for unique products. From specialty tapes with your logo to corrugated boxes and cartons with cushioning for distinctive products, we work with you to design the perfect container or display.

Contact our custom packaging and business supply specialists for boxes, bags, facility supplies, and more.

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