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Wholesale Bathroom Supplies for Sale in WI

American Paper & Packaging supplies Wisconsin with wholesale restroom cleaning solutions to meet any business's needs. We only choose products that meet the highest industry standards and ones we trust to clean our own bathrooms. Our selection includes popular products from brands that have established themselves as the best cleaning solutions in the industry. From all-in-one cleaners to towels and toilet seat covers, American Paper & Packaging has all of the essential restroom sanitation products you need to keep your business restrooms clean. Contact AP&P today to receive pricing and information about purchasing supplies.

Bathroom Cleaner for all purposes

Shop our line of all-purpose bathroom cleaning solutions. All-purpose cleaners work well for sinks, counters, toilets and any other surfaces in your bathroom. Our trusted name-brand products come in 32 oz sizes, or larger sizes like 128 oz. 
Wholesale Bathroom Cleaner WI Bathroom Cleaner

HCI Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Eliminate germs and stains from toilets or urinals with approved bowl cleaners. For a stronger cleaner, try either of our 9% HCI cleaners to remove rust, lime and uric acid from your toilet. To completely erase germs, stains and odors choose a cleaner that contains bleach. All products are great for office, restaurant, hotel and daycare bathroom cleaning.
Wholesale HCI Bowl Cleaner WI HCI Bowl Cleaner

Bathroom Glass & Mirror Cleaners

To make your commercial bathroom mirrors shine, try a 32 oz bottle of mirror cleaner. For products with a wider range of cleaning applications try glass and surface cleaners that comes in an ammonia-free option.
Wholesale Glass & Mirror Cleaner WI Glass & Mirror Cleaner

Bathroom Deodorizers

Nobody likes walking into a smelly restroom. AP&P carries odor control aerosols which come in a variety of scents including mango, cinnamon stick and autumn breeze. We also have toilet bowl air fresheners and urinal blocks and screens in stock to leave restrooms smelling consistently fresh.
Wholesale Odor Control Aerosols WI Deodorizers

Bathroom Sanitation Towels

Keep bathrooms fully stocked with the best paper towel brands on the market. With our line of trusted name brands, we sell only the highest quality paper towels to fit your restroom needs. The bathroom towels AP&P offers can be used in a variety of applications including automatic or standard dispensers.
Wholesale paper towel WI Towels

Bathroom Tissues

Purchase wholesale toilet tissues from AP&P so you never have to worry about running out of rolls for your customers or employees. Our name-brand products come in normal, small and jumbo sizes for all of your restroom needs.
Wholesale Tissue Paper WI Tissue

Toilet Seat Covers

Your customers or employees might want protection from germs when using your restrooms. A perfect solution is toilet seat covers. With the best brands on the market, AP&P  has half-fold toilet seat covers for any restroom.
Wholesale Toilet Seat Covers WI Toilet Seat Covers

Bathroom Soap, Towel & Fragrance Dispensers

Check out AP&P’s large selection of bathroom dispensers for various purposes such as soap, toilet paper, fragrance and more. Our products come in different sizes that can accommodate most brands used by a variety of businesses.
Wholesale Fragrance Dispensers WI Dispensers

AP&P is Wisconsin's single source for wholesale restroom solutions. Shop our extensive selection of cleaning supplies and equipment. We also provide janitorial and sanitation solutions for other areas of your business such as floors, cafeterias and paper goods. If your business needs extra cleaning power, check out our industrial floor care equipment, or take the hassle out of cleaning with planned maintenance programs and outcome-based cleaning services.

Shop sanitation supplies or leave the heavy lifting to us with the AP&P VMI program.