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Covid & virus protection for your business Covid & virus protection for your business Covid & virus protection for your business Covid & virus protection for your business Covid & virus protection for your business

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Dispensers for WI Businesses

Keep your business or restaurant facilities clean and organized with American Paper & Packaging’s top-of-the-line soap, hand sanitizer, towel, and napkin dispensers.

Fragrance Dispensers

Do away with harsh odors with automatic air freshener dispensers. They’re made of durable plastic and available in a number of options.
Fragrance dispensers for WI businesses Fragrance Dispensers

Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers

Install a toilet seat cover dispenser to bring additional comfort to a lavatory. They are easily disposable, and visitors will thank you for your consideration.
Toilet seat cover dispensersToilet Seat Cover Dispensers

Soap & Sanitizer Dispensers

Maintaining clean hands is key to protecting yourself and those around you from a range of illnesses. Installing and regularly refilling soap/sanitizer dispensers in bathrooms and other public areas is a must for any business that values the health and safety of its customers and employees.
Soap dispensers at discount prices in WISoap & Sanitizer Dispensers

Menstrual Care Vendors

Keep your employees comfortable and your restrooms well-stocked with our selection of menstrual care products for Wisconsin businesses. Our vendors offer a wide range of options including tampons and pads.
Menstrual care vendors WIMenstrual Care Vendors

Paper Towel Dispensers

Save on paper waste and expenses with a paper towel dispenser. Choose an automatic no-touch model to provide additional hygiene.
No-Touch electric towel dispenserPaper  Towel Dispensers

Toilet Paper Dispensers

Our toilet paper dispensers come in different types to accommodate different-sized rolls based on your needs and preferences. Get competitive prices and fast shipping throughout WI.
Commercial toilet paper dispensers WIToilet Paper Dispensers
Shop sanitation supplies or leave the heavy lifting to us with the AP&P VMI program.