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Menstrual Care Vendors for WI Businesses

Provide a central place for feminine hygiene products to be easily dispensed. They’re easy to install and show your customers that you care about their needs. AP&P ships hygiene products from right here in Wisconsin, offering faster, more affordable service.


Necessities® Courtesy Dispenser

This dispenser is an economical way to provide complimentary feminine products. Avoid the additional costs of installing a coin machine. Mount to the wall with screws or double-sided tape, or place on a flat surface. Comes pre-stocked with products.
Wall mounted or flat surface, feminine products dispenser Necessities® Courtesy Dispenser

Dual Vending Machine

Mount to the wall for users to purchase feminine hygiene products. There are separate locks for the coin and supplies sections
Dual vending machine for feminie hygiene products Dual Vending Machine

Gards® Single Channel Vendor

This unit’s slim design is perfect for places where space is limited. Dispense up to 15 #4 box sanitary napkins. Format for complimentary or coin-operated dispensing.
Single channel feminine hygiene dispenser Gards® Single Channel Vendor

Tampax® Vending Machine

The slim build is ideally designed for cramped areas. Choose from models that require 10 cents or 25 cents for dispensing.
Slim build Tampax brand feminine hygiene dispenser Tampax® Vending Machine

Evogen® No-Touch Menstrual Care Vendors

Further promote sanitary, hygienic bathrooms with a no-touch menstrual care vendor. Increase convenience and customer experience while stopping the spread of potentially harmful germs and illnesses.
Evogen® No-Touch Menstrual Care Vendors
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