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Business Solutions Analysts in Wisconsin

Business Solutions in WisconsinOur business solutions analysts work directly with companies in Wisconsin to create office, janitorial, safety, industrial, logistic, or packaging plans to keep businesses running smoothly. Our professionals consult with you to create custom business solutions for your entire company, from the office to the factory floor. Whether you need an off-the-shelf product or unique packaging, we’ll design a system around your large corporation or small business to treat your specific needs. We also utilize the ELEVATE tool to measure your industry’s data and create an accurate and actionable solution for your business. Trust AP&P to provide a personalized plan for every part of your business.

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Supply Chain Optimization Solutions

Our supply chain optimization solutions are designed to streamline your operations and drive efficiency. From inventory management to logistics optimization, we offer tailored strategies to meet your unique business needs. Discover how our expertise can elevate your supply chain performance and boost your bottom line.

ELEVATE Your Wisconsin Business

Our business solutions specialists access vital company and industry data with ELEVATE supply chain analysis services. We are a member of Afflink, the leading sales and marketing organization in the supply chain industry, which developed the ELEVATE tool to help companies analyze their costs. ELEVATE technology creates a detailed data report of other businesses in your industry, analyzing trends and identifying opportunities. Our experts use this data to discover how you can cut costs, meet sustainability objectives, promote health and productivity, and enhance your corporate image. An ELEVATE report will generate data AP&P representatives use to create a precise cost-saving business plan for your company.

Custom Shipping Solutions

Unlock the potential of your shipping processes with our custom shipping solutions tailored to your business requirements. Whether you're shipping delicate items or oversized freight, we have the expertise to design efficient and cost-effective shipping strategies. Experience seamless logistics and reliable delivery services with our personalized shipping solutions. Check out some of the wholesale shipping products AP&P offers:

Heavy-Duty Double Wall Boxes
Heavy-Duty Double Wall Boxes for Sale

These boxes are manufactured from heavy-duty, double wall kraft corrugated cardboard. They are twice as strong as normal cartons and provide greater protection and stacking strength. Some are available with hand holes to make carrying easier.

Bulk Cargo Boxes
Bulk Cargo Boxes for Sale

These large boxes consolidate multiple piece shipments while allowing for bulky and hard to pack items. They are available in single, double, and triple wall thicknesses. Triple wall containers are as strong as a plywood crate!


Insulated Shipping Kits
Insulated Shipping Kits for Sale

Ship products that are temperature-sensitive with these insulated kits. In addition to keeping your items cold, the thick molded foam protects contents from being crushed or broken. The kits are lightweight, reusable, and recyclable.


Cube Boxes
Cube Boxes for Sale

These classic boxes can package items of all shapes, including cylindrical and round items. They come in a wide variety of sizes to meet all of your shipping needs. Cube boxes are also great for stacking because they distribute weight evenly.

QBS-20 QuickBlade® Spring-Back Safety Knife
QBS-20 QuickBlade® Spring-Back Safety Knife for Sale

The QBS-20 is a durable utility blade built for safety. The spring-loaded blade slider automatically retracts the blade when it is not in use, and the QuickBlade changing system allows you to swap out blades in seconds. The die-cast metal body features a rubber grip to improve handling.

Heavy-Duty Air BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies Rolls
Heavy-Duty Air BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies Rolls for Sale

Heavy-duty BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies rolls provide maximum protection for your items. The air bubbles protect against shocks, abrasion, and persistent vibration. They last throughout long shipments and are ideal for shipping heavy items such as motors, machine parts, and compressors.

Environmentally Friendly Loose Fill
Bulk Environmentally Friendly Loose Fill for Sale

This loose fill material does everything you want it to and is far less harmful than traditional loose fill options. This loose fill is dust-free, resists abrasion, and has anti-static properties. It disintegrates in water and does not leave a harmful residue behind. This product is starch based and is manufactured from annually renewable resources.

"Packing List Enclosed" (Panel Face) Envelopes
Bulk Packing List Enclosed Envelopes

These packing list envelopes are printed on a heavy, 2 mil poly to make sure documents stay safe. The hot melt adhesive backing makes sure they will stick to paper and corrugated products. Bright colors make it easy for recipients to locate their documents upon arrival.

Goodwrappers® Economy Cast Stretch Film
Goodwrappers® Economy Cast Stretch Film for Sale

Goodwrappers stretch film is a fast and easy way to wrap pallets and protect your shipments. The built-in disposable handles prevent friction on your hands and speed up the process, while the dispensing system provides tension control and helps you save on film. 

3M® 302 Carton Sealing Tape
3M Carton Sealing Tape for Sale

This 3M polypropylene packaging tape features 23-pound tensile strength and can be applied in temperatures ranging from 32° to 140°F. Its clear film has excellent clarity and will not discolor with age.

Kraft Self-Seal BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies Mailers
Kraft Self-Seal BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies Mailers for Sale

BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies lined mailers provide lightweight protection for your products. These mailers feature a 3/16” high lining to make it easy to insert products. The peel and stick closure system provides a secure and tamper-evident seal. This product is made with recycled golden kraft paper.

Indented Kraft Paper
Indented Kraft Paper for Sale in Bulk

Indented Kraft paper is a non-abrasive packing solution that can fill the empty space in packages and protect contents from repeated impacts. It is also great for wrapping and interweaving between products. This product is made from 100% recycled material and is naturally biodegradable.

Packaging & Logistic Solutions

Our customer support teams specialize in creating custom Logistic Management Programs (LMP). By pairing custom packaging and logistic solutions, such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), we design LMPs to create industry partnerships and boost your business’ efficiency and effectiveness.

Whether you’re shipping delicate lenses or complex aircraft components, AP&P will design unique packaging solutions for your product. We utilize foam inserts, corrugated and chipboard boxes, anti-static sheeting and rust-inhibiting materials, poly bags, and other products to create a personalized plan, protecting your unique product.

Logistics solutions are designed to meet your specific needs and maximize your efficiency. With Vendor Managed Inventories (VMI), we know when products need to be reordered. We pair trucking, warehousing, and other services to develop cost-saving solutions.

Make shipping and handling a breeze with custom packaging and logistic solutions from AP&P.

Office & Janitorial Solutions

Janitorial Cleaning ProductsKeep your office clean and organized with office and janitorial supplies from AP&P. We carry everything from can liners and mop buckets to Purell hand sanitizer. Plus, with Vendor Managed Inventories (VMI) we’ll send you more supplies before you run out. Our office and janitorial solutions include:

AP&P has the janitorial products you need to maintain your workplace.

Industrial & Safety Solutions

Maintain your production floor and keep your employees safe with industrial and safety solutions from AP&P. Secure employee’s lockers with padlocks, maintain your sidewalks in the winter with snowmelt, protect employees with earplugs and gloves – You’ll find all the safety supplies and gear you need to maintain your facility in our online catalog. Our industrial and safety solutions include:

Find what you need to keep your company safe and efficient.

BUBBLE WRAP is a trademark of Sealed Air Corp.

Contact our business solutions providers for packaging, maintenance, safety, and industrial supplies along with logistics and custom packaging services. You Need It – We Get It!

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