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Wholesale eCommerce Shipping Supplies

Shipping Supplies Provider for eCommerce BusinessesBoxes for eCommerce Business

Buy eCommerce Boxes and Shipping Supplies at American Paper & Packaging

For online eCommerce businesses, shipping your product to customers presents a unique set of challenges. You need to be able to safely ship your items to your customer while minimizing shipping costs through package dimension management, all while maintaining your brand.

Whether you're a high-volume retailer, an Amazon seller or you sell products on Etsy or eBay, proper packaging is incredibly important to your bottom line.

Consider this: Your product’s eComm packaging is the first impression your customers will have of your business. This impression is often extremely difficult to reverse, and many people will consider another retailer if they receive a damaged order. American Paper and Packaging will work with you to develop packaging solutions to protect your goods in transit, promote your brand and profit from eCommerce shipping.

AP&P has a wide range of wholesale packaging products to fit any eCommerce business requirements, including:


Shipping Solutions for eCommerce Orders

Check out a selection of the shipping products we offer through our online store:

Tape Logic® #600 Economy TapeTape Logic for strong packing & shipping

This packing tape is cost-efficient and strong. Most boxes and cartons need to be securely taped for shipping, and Tape Logic has a fantastic line of products, including hand-held tape dispensers to make packing faster and easier.

Flat BoxesShip photos, frames, art, & clothes with flat boxes.

Perfect for simple, straightforward orders, these corrugated cardboard boxes are great for shipping items like framed photos or artwork, books, and clothing. 


Self-Seal BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies

A classic in mailing and shipping, these lightweight envelopes have built-in BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies to protect the contents. The peel-and-stick sealing strip replaces the lick-to-seal method. Lightweight packages help keep your postage costs down.


Weather-Resistant BoxesWeather resistant packaging, buy online

These corrugated cardboard boxes are made with water-resistant adhesive and designed to withstand humidity and wet weather. Perfect for shipping equipment, these boxes even meet military specifications. 

White Mailing Tubes

white mailing tube for eCommerce poster orders

Mailing tubes are ideal for shipping posters and banners to your eCommerce customers. We offer 3-ply, spiral-wound tubes for durability and product protection. Posters are almost always for decoration and display, so any damage during shipping is a big problem; make sure the purchase arrives in great condition with our mailing tubes.

Jiffy Rigi Bag® MailersJiffy Rigi Bag Mailers: rigid for photo shipping

These laminated, fiberboard envelopes offer excellent protection for corners and edges. Without needing stiffeners or inserts, these mailers resist bending so the product can be delivered safely to the customer without crease lines or other damage. The rigid envelope also includes a built-in sealing strip and an easy-open tear strip. These mailers a great for transporting small art pieces or DVDs/Blu-Rays. 

Environmentally-Friendly Loose Fill
environmentally friendly loose fill

An eco-friendly alternative to traditional packing peanuts, this loose-fill material keeps items safe during shipping while replacing waste with a biodegradable solution. Because it is starch-based, this product disintegrates in water without leaving any harmful residues behind. A dust-free product that's made from annually renewable resources, this loose fill also resists abrasion and has anti-static properties.

Reclosable BagsZip closed bags are resealable

These bags zip closed and help contain purchases that include a number of small items like tacks, bolts, or non-perishable food orders. Gusseted Reclosable Poly Bags meet FDA and USDA requirements and are ideal for dry packaged foods. We offer a wide variety of bag types to fit your shipping needs.

Heavy-Duty Double Wall BoxesHeavy-duty boxes are best for high weight orders

These corrugated cardboard boxes have double walls so they can withstand heavy loads and the weight of other boxes stacked on top of them. To avoid collapsing boxes during shipping, choose this product for bulky orders. 

Cube BoxesCube boxes for transporting customer orders

Corrugated cardboard boxes in cube shapes are helpful for packing many types of orders, including spherical and cylindrical items. We offer a wide range of sizes for these boxes, from 3x3x3" to 36x36x36", so you can select the perfect one for your shipping needs. 

Heavy-Duty Moisture Barrier BagsMoisture vapor barrier bags stop EMI, RFI, & condensation.

Jostling and breaking are not the only dangers to electronics during shipping. Condensation, static, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) all pose risks to sensitive electronics. Moisture vapor barrier (MVB) shielding bags help protect electronics from these factors, maintaining your business reputation and keeping customers happy. 

Indented Kraft Paper
indented kraft shipping paper

Indented Kraft paper is a non-abrasive packing filler that protects your customers' orders from repeated jostling and impacts. It's ideal wrapping for important items on their journey to the customer. Indented Kraft Paper is eco-friendly; it's biodegradable and made out of 100% recycled material.


What type of packaging equipment do you need?

Carton Sealers & Erectors

Improve carton consistency and reduce lead times with fully automated and semi-automated carton sealers and erectors

Shrink Wrapping Machines

Secure, protect and package your products in polyethylene, PVC or polyolefin films with L-sealer machines and shrink tunnels

Stretch Wrapping Equipment

Overhead, robotic and turntable style pallet stretch film wrapping machines palletize your shipments more efficiently

Strapping and Banding Equipment

Poly strapping machines secure pallets and individual cartons to minimize pilferage and secure product shipments

Protective Packaging and Void Fill Systems

Foam in the bag, inflatable cushioning, paper void fill and protective packaging dispensing equipment to prevent product damage

Bagging and Sealing Equipment

Get the latest in bagging machine technologies and sealers for volume fill packaging of smaller products for display or shipping

Get eComm Shipping Supplies

Lower Your Shipping Costs with Custom Packaging for Your eCommerce BusinesseCommerce garment box

Several major shipping companies are placing a higher emphasis on package dimensions, to the point where a one-pound box could be charged at the same rate as an 11-pound box – simply because the dimensions are too large. AP&P’s custom packaging solutions protect eCommerce retailers from these extra charges.

Obviously, not every eCommerce business exclusively sells 3 x 3 x 3” widgets requiring a single packaging solution. In reality, there is no “one size fits all” fix to packaging challenges. We regularly work with companies to create the best solution for packaging complicated-shaped products. In addition to the endless range of box types, sizes and shapes, we provide online businesses with a range of protective products like:

Your eCommerce business needs to find the sweet spot between protection, size and aesthetics. You don’t want to send a set of drill bits in a corrugated box sized to fit a power drill when a simple BUBBLE WRAP® Packaging Supplies mailer will do the job. American Paper & Packaging has the eCommerce shipping solution for your online business to keep you running efficiently throughout the holiday season and year-round.

Contact us to get started on a custom packing solution for your eCommerce company.

Don’t Get Caught without Shipping Supplies When You Need Them – AP&P’s Just-in-Time Inventory Management System Keeps Your Company Moving

While you do all you can to predict the buying patterns of your customers, sometimes they’ll surprise you. When a surge of purchasing happens, the last thing you want is to be scrambling for packaging. AP&P’s Just-in-Time (JIT) inventory management system allows you to have the shipping supply stock you need when you need it, without inflating your carrying cost by having a huge inventory.

AP&P’s JIT increases your efficiency through low inventory levels. We use short production runs to remain nimble to our clients’ needs, and our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system gives us fair warning when your supplies are getting low.

AP&P takes the worry out of your eCommerce packaging supply chain requirements – Contact us today to get started.

BUBBLE WRAP is a trademark of Sealed Air Corp.