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U.S. Supplier of Poly Bags for Shipping

American Paper & Packaging supplies affordable polyethylene bags to businesses throughout the United States. From anti-static bags for sensitive electronics and computer parts, to gusseted poly bags for packaging apparel, American Paper & Packaging has the poly bags you need to keep products safe and clean whether in transit or on the store shelves.

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If you need polyethylene bag to package products, AP&P has all of the variety you need to get the exact packaging you’re looking for. Among the many polyethylene bags applications, AP&P offers bags for:

Anti-Static Bags
Protecting Electronics

Resealable Poly Bags
Resealable Packaging

Pallets and Box Liner
Pallet Protections

Plastic Garment Bags
Garment Packaging

VCI Plasitcs Bags
Corrosion Resistance

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Static Shielding Bags Protect ElectronicsStatic Shielded Poly Bag

Static shielding bags create a Faraday shield which protects components inside from harmful electrostatic discharges and radio frequency interference. American Paper & Packaging retails polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with a silver metallized film, and black or pink for polyethylene styles. Many sensitive electronic components incorporate all three types of static shielding bags and bubble-wrap packaging for total protection against both electrostatic and mechanical damage while in transit or storage. Some of the features of static shielding bags available at American Paper and Packaging include:

Shop for a variety of styles of Anti-Static Bags at AP&P

Anti-static bags are essential for shipping products in the electronics industry. American Paper & Packaging offers a wide range of anti-static packaging, including poly bags perfect for shipping printed circuit boards. Our poly bags are offered in a wide range styles to accommodate products of many different sizes and shapes. All of them are built to protect electronic components from static build up while guarding against moisture, dust and dirt.

Some styles include:

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Improve your Product Packaging with Resealable Bags from AP&PSealed Parts Bag

Many of our poly bags are available with re-closeable seals, giving manufacturers the ability to offer added value to their product packaging. Whether packaging nuts and bolts or high-tech PCBs, our reclosable poly bags lend themselves toward reuse, lowering waste while improving organization and security. Some resealable poly bag options available at AP&P include:

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VCI Poly Bags for Sale at AP&PVCI Poly Bags

Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting bags available at American Paper & Packaging protect ferrous materials from rusting while in their packaging. These bags continuously release anti-corrosion compounds within their sealed airspace to inhibit oxidation, which makes these bags perfect for shipping many metallic components. Re-sealable VCI bags can be opened and the rust inhibition levels will rebuild upon closing, allowing effective reuse.

These VCI polybags provide moisture and dust protection and are transparent to easily identify contents. AP&P supplies companies with VCI bags in a range of styles including flat bags, heat-sealable poly tubing, and gusseted styles.

Pre-Cut Plastic Pallet Covers and Bin Liners

Protect your shipments from moisture, dirt, dust and pilferage with poly pallet covers and bin liners available at American Paper & Packaging. Our pallet bags are packaged as perforated rolls for easy dispensation and are pre-cut to fit standard pallet sizes. These strong bags resist tears and puncturing and are available in transparent for easy product identification and opaque styles to protect from thievery.

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Biodegradable GreenlineTM Poly Bag Products for Environmentally Conscious Packaging

American Paper & Packaging is proud to be a provider of Minigrip Reclosable GreenlineTM Biodegradable bags, offering manufacturing companies an environmentally friendly packaging option. The Greenline Biodegradable bags are made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), and are ASTM D5511 compliant – every part of these bags are entirely biodegradable and landfill friendly.

Affordable Wholesale Plastic Garment Bags for Sale

Whether you’re a dry cleaning company, a tuxedo rental business or a dress maker, you need plastic garment bags to deliver your product to your clients. Our affordable garment bags are durable, thin and transparent and come with pre-slit hole for hangers and a printed child safety warning. American Paper & Packaging provides bags for all types of clothing including:

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