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FAQ & Answers

Before you contact AP&P with questions, take a look at our FAQs to see if we have a solution to your problem. 

General AP&P FAQs

What are your operating hours? .

Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm CST

Are you open on holidays? .

We are closed for all Federal holidays.

How do I become a customer? .

Create an online account at

Payment/Pricing FAQs

Can I get payment terms? .

Please contact us at (414) 462-8560 for further information.

How do I request a custom quote? .

Submit your quote request to or online at

How can I see pricing online? .

Create an account online. Once created, you’ll be able to see pricing.

Do you accept credit cards? .

Yes, VISA and Mastercard only.

What is your minimum order? .

$500 minimum order.

Do you offer bulk discounts? .

No, we offer the best pricing available.

Order/Shipping FAQs

What days do you deliver? .


Do you deliver to residential areas? .

Yes, however, a liftgate fee will apply to your order.

What is the lead time on a stock item order? .

1-2 business days.

Can I order online? .

Yes, you’ll need to create an online account and meet our minimum order of $500.

Are custom items available? .

Yes, please contact us for more information.

Where do you ship to? .

We ship to both Wisconsin and Illinois.

Can I pick up my order? .

No, we do not have a store front.

Floor Care Product FAQs

What should be regularly maintained on my floor cleaning machine? .

On a basic level, you should be proactive about maintaining all parts that wear on your floor scrubber or sweeper. In general, we recommend maintenance after every 100 hours of use and offer a planned maintenance program that includes a quarterly preventative maintenance routine. Reach out to our floor cleaning professionals for a more specific maintenance checklist.

Do you offer service? .

Of course! If you’re in the greater Milwaukee, WI area, our trained Service Technicians will perform local repairs on all Factory Cat floor sweepers and scrubbers. If you don’t have a Factory Cat specific scrubber or sweeper we may still be able to service your machine if you are within our region of service. Contact us to see if we perform service in your area.

How do I know what the correct replacement part is for my sweeper or scrubber? .

First, locate your floor cleaning machine parts manual. You should be able to identify your part number from there. If you are unable to find what you need, contact us and our Parts Specialist will gladly help.

Do I need to sweep my floors before I scrub? .

Typically, no, scrubbing your floors will suffice. However, the answer ultimately depends on the debris on your floor. Light dust and minor debris don’t usually need to be removed before you scrub. You can turn to us to help you decide what to do if you are still uncertain.

What square footage will a floor sweeper or scrubber clean per hour? .

It depends on the machine. Think of cleaning open warehouse floors vs. floors that have aisles to maneuver between. Or a facility that has light dust versus stubborn soils. You tell us about your facility’s square footage and layout, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

My floor sweeper isn’t working properly. What steps should I take before I call? .

Much like the answer being as quick and easy as rebooting your computer when it is acting up, there are some quick and easy measures you can take to save time and energy before having a professional come out. See the list below to find out if the resolution is a straightforward one.

  1. General Errors:
    1. Have you tried disconnecting the battery for two minutes? If the error persists, call.
    2. Are there any error codes? If so, please write them down before calling.
    3. If it is error code “2F01” have you tried turning the scrubber off and back on again? If not, please do so and make certain you are not pressing the drive buttons. If the error persists, call
    4. If it is error code “1E03” are you sitting on the machine? That is the code for the seat safety switch not being fully pressed. Make sure you are sitting on your scrubber. If the error persists, call.
  2. Machine won’t turn on, or hold a charge
    1. Have you checked the water levels in your batteries?
    2. Has the scrubber been fully charged recently?
  3. Streaks, poor vacuum performance
    1. Have you checked that your squeegee is free of any tears? That the bolts and nuts are tight?
    2. Have you checked your squeegee hose, the fitting at the squeegee, the fitting to the holding tank?
  4. Poor scrubbing
    1. Is there water and the appropriate soap in your machine?
    2. Is your soap proportioned correctly?
    3. Have you checked your brushes?

Do you sell used or refurbished floor scrubbers and sweepers? .

Yes! It is important to have a high-performance floor cleaning machine you can trust, which is why we take our reconditioning process seriously. You can be certain your used floor sweeper or scrubber has been thoroughly inspected from top to bottom, from brush deck & squeegee assembly to frame & batteries, plus, has quality replacement parts. We can also repair a floor scrubber or sweeper that you currently own, which is an economical and environmentally friendly way to upgrade your industrial floor care equipment.

Should I use detergent? .

Just like washing dishes without soap or your hands with just water, using detergent in your floor cleaning machines is highly recommended. Check out our detergents for sale.

What detergent is best for my floor? .

Our floor cleaning experts are your best resource to help you choose the best detergent based on your floors, but here’s a guide to choosing the best floor detergent that may help you narrow it down.