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Industrial Packaging Machines and Equipment

Carton Sealers, Shrink Wrapping & Bagging Equipment for Shipping

American Paper & Packaging elevates the productivity of warehousing, shipping and manufacturing companies by providing the latest industrial packaging machines. AP&P’s efficiency experts offer supply line and process consultation to supply your company with the perfect machinery to fit your unique needs.

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Available Packaging Equipment

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What type of packaging equipment do you need?

Carton Sealers & Erectors

Improve carton consistency and reduce lead times with fully automated and semi-automated carton sealers and erectors

Shrink Wrapping Machines

Secure, protect and package your products in polyethylene, PVC or polyolefin films with L-sealer machines and shrink tunnels

Stretch Wrapping Equipment

Overhead, robotic and turntable style pallet stretch film wrapping machines palletize your shipments more efficiently

Strapping and Banding Equipment

Poly strapping machines secure pallets and individual cartons to minimize pilferage and secure product shipments

Protective Packaging and Void Fill Systems

Foam in bag, inflatable cushioning, paper void fill and protective packaging dispensing equipment to prevent product damage

Bagging and Sealing Equipment

Get the latest in bagging machine technologies and sealers for volume fill packaging of smaller products for display or shipping


Business Solutions: AP&P are the Efficiency Experts

AP&P helps your business increase productivity and offset rising costs of labor. We supply the best in carton sealers and erectors, provide consultation on controlling inbound and outbound freight costs, and help you manage inventory to improve your supply chain. Our ELEVATE supply chain analysis helps you understand where your costs lie and works to improve your processes and product flow to lower costs.

The professional suppliers at American Paper & Packaging have exactly what your need for all your packaging needs. Whether you need sealing equipment or shrink wrapping machines, we have precisely what you need available at the most affordable prices. Contact us today to get a quote on some of our industrial packaging equipment.

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