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Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Corrugated Boxes and Packaging Sold at American Paper and PackagingCorrugated Boxes for Sale Online

Virtually every industry uses corrugated shipping boxes in some form—whether shipping products to retailers to sell or receiving OEM components to build products and all points in between.

American Paper and Packaging stocks a huge catalog of corrugated products to satisfy any business' shipping and storage requirements. We are a responsive supplier of custom packaging and shipping products, providing more flexibility in order fulfillment and shorter lead times than other leading packaging suppliers. We are in the business of YES!


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Read about chipboard vs corrugated cardboard packaging, or visit our chipboard packaging page.

Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes Available

Durable corrugated boxes are essential to industries dealing in heavy goods and bulk items. AP&P supplies boxes of varying thicknesses to withstand more punishment and offer additional protection in transit. These boxes have better edge crush test ratings and resist more compression than standard shipping containers. Some of the basic corrugated thicknesses we offer include:

Single Corrugated Box TypeSingle-Walled

A single row of fluting pressed between two linerboards – standard for transporting lighter goods like shoes, artwork, hats, clothing…

Double Corrugated CardboardDouble Walled

Two sets of fluting sandwiched between linerboards on each side – excellent boxes for shipping moderately-weighted items like books, wine bottles, paint cans…

Triple Corrugated Cardboard PackagingTriple Walled

Three sets of fluting with each separated by linerboard – great for shipping smaller but heavy products like compressors, small motors, motorcycle parts…


Cube Boxes
Cube Boxes for Sale

Cube boxes disburse product weight evenly for easier stacking and packing and can be shipped flat in bundle quantities. 

Great for: Cylindrical, round, or oddly-shaped products

Flat Boxes
Flat Boxes for sale

Flat boxes provide smaller depths in cartons. Our flat boxes are manufactured from 200#/ECT-32 kraft corrugated packaging.

An ideal fit for shallow products such as apparel, books, picture frames, artwork, mirrors, and clothing

Long Boxes
Long Boxes for Sale

Long boxes have wide openings along the length to make the carton easier to pack.  Our long boxes are manufactured from 200#/ECT-32 kraft corrugated packaging.

They’re great for long and narrow items, such as golf clubs, poles, or even musical instruments.

Tall Boxes
Tall Boxes for Sale

Tall corrugated boxes can be loaded from the end for easy insertion and sealing.

Tall boxes can be used in place of mailing tubes, and are ideal for shipping irregularly-shaped items such as lamps, golf clubs, shelving, fishing rods, and umbrellas.

HazMat Shipping Boxes
Hazmat Shipping Boxes for Sale

HazMat boxes are specially marked with mandatory warning information to help stay within appropriate shipping regulations.

Used to ship materials like paint cans, plastic jugs, metal and plastic pails, and gasoline cans.

Master Cartons
Master Cartons for Sale

Master cartons are designed for freight consolidation, meaning they fit multiple small cube cartons inside. With master cartons, there’s no need for additional void fill since they’re a perfect fit every time, and can be sold and shipped in bundle quantities.

Bulk Cargo Boxes
Bulk Cargo Boxes for Sale

These large boxes from AP&P can easily consolidate multiple-piece shipments. They protect bulky, hard-to-pack, and irregularly shaped items. We offer double- and triple-wall containers for protection and stacking strength.

Sheets & Pads
Sheets & Pads for Sale

AP&P offers single-, double-, and triple-wall corrugated sheets and pads for palletized shipments. Each pad is manufactured from kraft corrugated packaging and provides durability and strength while protecting from damage.

Multi-Depth Boxes
Multi-Depth Boxes for Sale

Minimize the impact of dimensional weight pricing by using multi-depth boxes from AP&P. These cartons are scored at intervals at the sides of the box, and to obtain the desired size container, simply cut to the height wanted.

Corrugated Bins
Corrugated Bins for Sale

These corrugated bins are an economical solution for organizing parts. We offer bins with white and kraft corrugated materials, and their one-piece construction makes assembly fast and easy. No tape or staples are needed.

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Carton and Box-Making Machinery for Your Corrugated Packaging

Improve your warehouse efficiency by getting an industrial carton sealer or industrial case erector from American Paper & Packaging. From semi-automatic box makers to fully automated carton building machines, we have the equipment you need for all your packaging and shipping applications. Our efficiency experts can recommend the best packaging system for your company.

Some of the features offered by our carton sealer and box-making equipment include:


Corrugated Boxes For Any Industry


Other Essentials When Transporting Electronics/Hardware

Responsive Packaging Supplier for Companies on the Move

AP&P is headquartered in Germantown WI, near the major shipping hubs in Milwaukee and Chicago. This centralized location allows us to provide responsive shipping of corrugated boxes and packaging to companies throughout Wisconsin. If you need corrugated boxes, and you needed them yesterday, we can help!

Need Packaging? Contact our sales team to find the perfect corrugated box for your shipping needs.

AP&P is a Retailer of Common Shipping Boxes and Custom Packaging Solutions

We deal in a huge range of corrugated or paperboard box types, giving your company the solution to any packaging issue. Whether you need large Gaylord-style boxes to ship bulk clothing or small kraft boxes to protect sensitive electronics, AP&P has the fiberboard packaging you need. We sell the style of box you’re looking for in nearly any size and grammage:

We have cardboard boxes for sale for businesses in:

Looking for Chipboard? We’ve got it! Contact us today to order.

Carton Sealers, Shrink Wrapping & Bagging Equipment for Shipping

American Paper & Packaging elevates the productivity of warehousing, shipping and manufacturing companies by providing the latest industrial packaging machines. AP&P’s efficiency experts offer supply line and process consultation to supply your company with the perfect machinery to fit your unique needs.

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