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Best Industrial Floor Cleaners for WI Businesses

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Free Lunch & Learn with Factory Cat Event

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Free Lunch & Learn Event

Every reputable place of business needs to remain clean. American Paper & Packaging will come to your facility to help you learn about how our Wisconsin floor cleaners and floor scrubbers make an impact on the market across the state. Factory Cat has the best riding floor sweepers, walk-behind floor scrubbers, and rider scrubbers available for purchase anywhere. Hear from experts in the field with thousands of successful applications across numerous environments. Contact us to set up a demo today!

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What Type of Factory Cat is Best for My Facility?

The type of machine you need depends on where it will be used, and for what. Smaller models are ideal for areas that are tight on space and difficult to reach. Larger floor sweeping and floor scrubbing models like the XR are suited for large, open areas like warehouses and distribution centers.

Businesses in Wisconsin trust Factory Cat designs and performance, and we invite you to learn why.

Factory Cat Machine Types

Factory Cat sweepers and floor scrubbers have been manufactured in Wisconsin by R.P.S. Corporation since 1986. Factory Cat makes battery-powered floor scrubbers, battery floor sweepers and sweeper/scrubber combinations for any Wisconsin commercial facility. Learn about our:





Cleaning Width

Cleaning Rate

Run Time


Rider Sweeper/Scrubber


37,400 sq.ft.

per hour

5 hrs

The ultimate in floor cleaning efficiency, the Factory Cat XR is designed to sweep and scrub in a single pass - eliminating the need for dust mopping. This machine boasts a gimbaled brush drive and 45% more scrubbing power than competitive brands.


Ride On Floor Scrubbers




Cleaning Path

Pilot v2.1

Micro Rider Scrubber

25” to 28”

GTX v2.1

Compact Rider Scrubber

26” to 33”

GTR v2.1

Midsized Rider Scrubber

26” to 33”

Pilot v2.1: This micro rider scrubber offers the efficiency of a ride-on auto scrubber with a smaller footprint than many large walk-behind models. Its ultra-maneuverability allows it to navigate tight aisles, narrow doorways, and smaller elevators, making it the best in its class. It's available in widths of 25 inches (64cm) to 28 inches (71cm).

GTX v2.1: Navigating your facility is effortless with this compact ride-on auto scrubber. It eliminates the fatigue of operators who would have to walk behind traditional auto scrubbers. Your staff will be able to clean more square footage during their shift, while still having the time and energy to do additional tasks. Its impressive down pressure and brush speed make it effective in cleaning even the toughest dirt. It is available in widths of 26 inches (68cm) to 33 inches (84cm).

GTR v2.1: Our midsized, battery-powered ride-on auto scrubber is designed to handle even the toughest cleaning jobs. The powerful scrubbing brushes and generous down pressure make restoring filthy and grimy floors easy, covering a large area per hour. This rugged machine is perfect for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Available in widths of 26 inches (68cm) to 33 inches (84cm).


Ride On Floor Sweepers




Cleaning Width

Cleaning Rate

Run Time


Rider Sweeper


60,568 sq.ft.

per hour

8 hrs

The Factory Cat TR rider floor sweeper is designed to glide over any surface, making it ideal for twenty-four hour establishments like airports, hotels, and casinos. Plus, it’s whisper-quiet and can easily tackle even the toughest debris, dirt, and fine dust.


Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers




Cleaning Width

Cleaning Rate

Run Time


Large Floor Scrubber

28” to 34”

33,932 sq. ft.

per hour

5 hrs


Mid-Sized Scrubber

20” to 29”

27,027 sq.ft.

per hour

3.5 hrs


Compact Scrubber

20 to 26”

26,000 sq. ft.

per hour

2.5 hrs


Micro Scrubber

20” to 26”

47,244 sq. ft.

per hour

3.5 hrs


Compact Scrubber

17” to 20”

31,496 sq. ft.

per hour

2.5 hrs

MicroMag: This compact and portable micro scrubber, powered by batteries, is more efficient and faster than traditional manual cleaning methods. It comes in both traction and brush drive options, making it inherently suitable for various small cleaning tasks. It is available in widths of 17 inches to 20 inches.

MicroMini: This durable and versatile micro scrubber, powered by batteries, easily tackles small and tight spaces, hard-to-reach areas, and can even clean larger rooms quickly. Its ability to navigate around obstacles increases efficiency compared to manual cleaning. It comes in widths of 20 inches (51cm) to 26 inches (66cm).

Micro-HD: This compact and powerful floor scrubber is designed for smaller spaces and can handle any type of floor. It's agile, quiet and can handle different types of floors like rubberized, grouted tile, exposed aggregate and concrete. The on-board SUDS soap dilution system allows for better control over cleaning chemical costs. It's available in widths of 20 inches (51cm) to 26 inches (66cm).

Mini-HD: The Mini-HD floor scrubber strikes a balance between maneuverability and productivity, making cleaning simpler and more efficient. This mid-sized walk-behind scrubber offers battery pack options, the ZerO3 On-Demand Aqueous Ozone chemical-free cleaning system, and selectable tires. It can be customized to meet your specific needs. It is available in widths of 20 inches (51cm) to 29 inches (74cm).

Mag-HD: The Mag-HD walk-behind floor scrubber is ideal for large areas that aren't suitable for a ride-on scrubber but require high output. It offers exceptional run time on a single charge, multiple scrub deck options for increased productivity, and an optional Spray Jet spray wand for enhanced cleaning capabilities. It is available in widths of 28 inches (71cm) to 34 inches (86cm).


Walk Behind Floor Sweepers




Cleaning Path

34 Floor Sweeper

Large Floor Sweeper


34 Floor Sweeper: This model 34 Walk-Behind Sweeper is the machine that established Factory Cat’s reputation. It is known for its durability and longevity in some of the most demanding industrial environments, such as mines, brick factories, and steel mills. Despite being designed almost 25 years ago, it can still effectively sweep through thick sawdust in furniture manufacturing plants and dust in paper mills with its 34” clearing width.

Factory Cat Applications

From aerospace hangars to warehouse floors, Factory Cat sweepers and scrubbers will make your commercial space into a clean work environment. We’ve worked in numerous industries, including:

  • Building Services
  • Distribution Warehouses
  • Educational Facilities
  • Food & Beverage
  • Government Offices
  • Health Care
  • Produce Packaging
  • And more

Attend and Learn

Our Lunch & Learn event is catered to meet the informational expectations that businesses in Wisconsin expect. Get up-to-date on our commercial floor cleaning machines and keep your enterprise in top shape. Employees and customers will appreciate the spotlessness our Floor Cat floor scrubbers provide.

Best Floor Cleaner Rentals in WI

The best Wisconsin industrial floor cleaner rentals are found with Factory Cat machines. Each and every unit is manufactured in Racine, WI to meet the uncompromising standards required by our trusted Wisconsin business partners.

Winter Floor Cleaning

Contending with adverse winter weather is an unfortunate necessity in Wisconsin. Don’t let your commercial floors bear the brunt of residual snow, salt and water. While keeping the outdoor elements from traveling inside is impossible, you can ensure your floors remain clean with Floor Cat floor scrubbers and floor sweepers. 

Our winter floor cleaners have the unmatched ability to make your floors look as good as new. Join us on Feb. 24 to learn more about how Floor Cat systems can benefit your business.

Event Location

Our Lunch & Learn events are held directly in your facility so we can demonstrate any of our equipment for you that day. Call 414-448-0303 for information about the Lunch & Learn event with Factory Cat.

Get in touch with an AP&P representative and we’ll help you set up a demo day today!

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