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Can You Ship A Potato Without Packaging?!

Edition: March / 2018Can You Ship A Potato Without Packaging?!

Here at AP&P, it's hard for us to imagine a world without packaging. Great packaging lets you rest assured that whatever it is you are shipping - whether it's metal parts or a potato - will get to it's intended recipient safely.

But are there things that can be mailed without packaging? Well... sort of, but we don't recommend it! This exact question has been on the minds of those at "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" for years. They were so curious that they decided to hold an annual "Strange Mail Contest", where they ask people to mail in the most unusual things they can think of. The contest is still going on today! There is only one rule: contestants can't use ANY packaging!

The result? As you can imagine, Ripleys has received some odd items. The list has included items such as a an inflatable palm tree, a tree stump, and a mannequin hand, just to name a few!

Packages to Ship

Unfortunately, not all the items have arrived in their intended condition. Also, the US Postal Service (USPS) refused to send 13% of the items without some sort of container.

The most significant find of this contest was that each year, people would send them the most unusual junk! (I mean, I'm sure the Ripley's office has some unusual decor, but what are they supposed to do with a traffic cone?)

Your products are definitely not junk! They are valuable and delicate, and we know you can't afford the risk of your products getting lost, damaged or delayed in shipment. It requires more than just packaging - it requires strategically designed and expertly crafted packaging. Shipping a single potato is one thing, but shipping metal machine parts, or glass items are different challenges all together!

Getting your products safely from point A to point B is no small potatoes to us.

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