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Using Labels For Brand Messaging and Awareness

Edition: September / 2018Using Labels For Brand Messaging and Awareness

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Here at AP&P, we are proud to say that our sales representatives are Certified Packaging Consultants (CPCs). We've put them through extensive training to ensure that they can offer you the best solutions regarding your packaging projects. Not every company can say that!

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Using Labels For Brand Messaging and Awareness

Tips & How-To's

Communication with your customers is an integral part of marketing and branding. There are many ways to get a message across to your customers via online platforms such as social media and online advertising. However, this doesn't allow you to reach your offline customers. A simple and effective solution to communicate with these offline customers is to use labels on your product packaging to get your message across.

By placing labels on the products that your customer is already purchasing, it makes sure that your message gets in front of the eyes of your target demographic.

One great way to use labels for brand messaging is to cross-promote your products. For example, if you sell multiple flavors, colors, or sizes of an item, you should be advertising these variations. This can be done by putting an ad on the packaging, or by putting a label on the packaging that points out some of the other options the customer has to choose from. 

This strategy is effective because it eliminates the need to find your target audience. Since the customer is already buying one of your products, you now have the opportunity to tell them about the other products that you offer, give them discounts, or send them a nice thank you for buying your product. Another benefit of using labels for brand messaging is that it is cost effective. Labels are inexpensive, and allow you to save money while still getting your message out to the right people.

Even if you don't have a specific message that you'd like to be seen, you can create brand awareness by placing your logo or your brand tagline on product packaging. If you aren't currently placing your logo and company info on your product packaging, you are missing out on some prime branding real estate.

We offer custom printed labels, boxes, as well as other packaging. Contact us today to discuss how we can help with your brand messaging and awareness!

Reed GilbertReed Gilbert AP&P

Meet Our Team

Reed has been at AP&P for three months, and currently works as our Operational Support Specialist. Prior to working with us, he worked as a Supply Chain Intern with Briggs and Stratton for two and a half years.

He has lived in Wisconsin his entire life, and is an alumnus of UW-Milwaukee. He excels at meeting deadlines and adapting when new projects come up.

Reed's future goals include purchasing a new car (with working A/C and no weird noises)! he also is hoping to buy a house and pay off his college loans. In his free time, he enjoys golfing and spending time downtown.