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Valentine's Day

Edition: February / 2018Valentine's Day

AP&P Is Committed To Going Above And Beyond

What's Happening

Market researchers predict that over six million couples will pledge their committment by getting engaged this Valentine's day. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to pledge our committment to providing the heart-warming customer service and quality that you only find once in a  lifetime. 

Dedicated. Steadfast. Loyal. Devoted. 

We are committed to going above and beyond to create lasting business partnerships with our customers and suppliers. We want to be a valued part of your team. 

We hope that you feel the same way about us. 

Your Heart - Not Your Chocolate - Should Melt This Valentine's Day

Tips & How-To's

Valentine's Day is almost here! Have you ever thought about what goes into the packaging to ensure that all those boxes of chocolates arrive safely to their intended recipients? AP&P offers custom solutions from our packaging experts as well as a wide variety of in-stock packaging items to ensure that your products arrive safely at their destination.

At AP&P, our packaging experts are used to dealing with the challenges of packaging sensitive products. Along the way, packages are rocked and rolled, heated and cooled, stacked and dropped. It's our job to make sure that your product gets to where it's going, and arrives safely without any damage. 

Every product is different and calls for specially made packaging. Whether your product requires support for multiple complex parts, dust-free shipping, non-abrasive packaging, or reusable materials, our packaging engineers will think inside the box to design the perfect container. Check out some of the unique packaging challenges and solutions to come out of our Pack Lab:

Pack Lab Series

Click the image above to view our Pack Lab Series.

Looking for an in-stock solution?

Here are some off-the-shelf products that will help you create your own custom packaging solution!

  • Instapak is a "foam in a bag" system that allows you to create custom-molded foam cushioning for your products.
  • Inflatable Packaging allows you to quickly and easily create air pillows as you need them.
  • Suspension and Retention packaging use highly resilient, low-slip film to hold your products securely in place.
  • Foam Shippers hold items in place to prevent slipping.
  • Pick and Pack Foam allows you to create custom-fit foam cushioning in an instant.
  • Foam Corners protect sharp corners against impact, shock and vibration during shipment.
  • Insulated Shippers maintain the insulation and integrity of your products that present temperature constraints.
  • Shrink Film is a film that shrinks down around your product to create a layer of protection against scratching.
  • Weather-Resistant Boxes withstand high humidity and wet conditions.
  • Anti-static products protect electrical components from static build-up, as well as dirt, dust, and moisture.
  • VCI Products serve as a corrosion inhibitor for metal parts.
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Rick LobergerRick Loberger

Meet Our Team

Rick is a husband and father of two sons: Lucas (age 6), and Liam (age 4). They have two dogs: a Great Dane weighing 175 lbs, and a Mountain Cur who is a bit smaller. He has worked as an Account Manager at AP&P for 2 years, and has become well-known for brightening up the office with his jokes. 

He has been in business-to-business sales since 2001, initially in the multifamily utilities market before coming to AP&P. Since joining us, Rick has become a Certified Packaging Consultant and an expert in packaging equipment. He received the "AP&P Rising Star Award" in 2017.

Being born in Arizona, Rick has lived in a few states, including Minnesota, North Carolina and Colorado before settling down in Wisconsin. He attended UW-Milwaukee and MATC, and has a degree in Criminal Justice. He has received many awards for his police volunteer work, including Community Service Awards and Exceptional Service Awards with Port Washington Police and Grafton Police. 

Some of his future goals include getting into investment properties, becoming the premier equipment supplier in Southeast Wisconsin, and taking his wife to Fiji for their fifteenth wedding anniversary.

In his free time, Rick enjoys adventure racing, volunteering with various police departments, camping, fishing, hunting, dirt track racing, backpacking, playing video games with his kids, having nerf gun fights with his wife and kids, and working on his house.

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