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Find The Help You Need With The Safeco Hand Truck

Aluminum Hand Trucks

High-Quality Hand Trucks from AP&P

When you need high-quality hand trucks for your business, you can buy them here at American Paper & Packaging’s online store.

Types of Hand Trucks

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Hand Trucks features double welded frame construction and solid 10” rubber wheels to help maneuver well over rough surfaces.
  • Convertible Steel Hand Trucks convert easily between a two-wheel hand truck and a four-wheel platform truck. They have solid 10” rubber wheel and high-performance steering casters allowing for easy maneuvering.
  • Aluminum Hand Trucks are easy-to-handle multi-purpose trucks ideal for maneuvering around the office or store. It has a lightweight design and aluminum construction, and it has 10” semi-pneumatic wheels.
  • Convertible Aluminum Hand Trucks are versatile hand trucks which can be easily converted between a two-wheel hand truck and a four-wheel platform truck. They also have non-marking swivel pneumatic 10” wheels which perform well on rough surfaces.

We also offer a Safeco hand truck which converts from a two-wheel hand truck to a four-wheel platform truck. 2-Wheel Capacity: 500 lbs; 4-Wheel Capacity: 600 lbs. It also includes a Power Grasp handle grip with Therasoft Comfort treads. Give us a call at 1-414-462-8560 to learn more.

Contact AP&P today to get more information or order from our online catalog.
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