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Shipping Boxes and Packaging Materials for Distribution, Moving, and other Business and Personal Uses

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Whether you're shipping products and supplies between warehouses and stores or moving to a new home, ensure your packages arrive intact with sturdy, durable corrugated shipping boxes and cushioning supplies from AP&P. With a variety of sizes and types of boxes for sale online and custom packaging services available, AP&P has the supplies, expertise, and dedication to help businesses and families across the Midwest and all over the United States with shipping, packaging, and distribution.

Corrugated Shipping Boxes for Sale Online

Corrugated boxes are a strong and durable choice for shipments of all weights and sizes. Composed of several layers of cardboard with a pleated middle layer, corrugated offers a level of stability not found in other types of boxes. Use corrugated boxes for:

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Chipboard Boxes for Light Packaging

Unlike corrugated cardboard, chipboard is made of lightweight paper stock rather than pleated layers. Chipboard is not often used in heavy-duty applications like shipping, but it can be rather useful for smaller, lighter packaging needs, such as:

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