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Products for Winter

Ice Melting Salt

Winter Supplies for Warehouses and Factories

Winter poses a unique set of problems in a business, warehouse, or factory setting. Slippery floors are a huge concern for businesses in the winter, and American Paper & Packaging has the supplies your facility needs to stay safe and productive. From ice melt to anti-slip floor tape, AP&P will supply your business with the materials to get safely through the winter.

Get good Prices on Ice Melt at American Paper & Packaging

American Paper & Packaging has the ice melt you need to keep your shipping docks and store entrances safe for your employees and customers. Whether it’s a truck driver hopping down from his cab to fill out a bill of lading, or a customer eager to get into your retail store for some holiday shopping, you need to make sure walking surfaces near your facility are safe to walk on.

At $15 dollars per 50 pound bag, we offer competitive pricing on ice melt so you can stay safe without breaking the bank. Our Ice-Trax premium sidewalk salt acts fast and will melt ice at sub-zero temperatures.  It has anti-caking properties, lending to great compatibility with spreading devices.

Entrance Rug from AP&P

Keep your Floors Dry and Safe with Quality Entrance Rugs

Any wintertime foot traffic entering your building brings wetness and dirt which can easily turn into both a hazard and a hassle. Non-carpeted flooring becomes extremely slippery when wet and winter weather means a lot of rain, sleet and snow.  American Paper & Packaging offers a wide range of entrance rugs and carpets to dry your employees’ and customers’ feet as they enter your building and keep your floors clean.  We offer rugs in a variety of colors, patterns, and thicknesses, so you’re sure to find the style you are looking for.

Anti-Slip Flood TreadsAnti-slip Tape Protects against Slips and Falls

The extra moisture accompanying winter seasons means slippery floors in your facility. If your store, warehouse, or office building has stairs, this can mean real trouble. American Paper & Packaging supplies commercial and industrial buildings with floor grip tape to give more traction to any wet floor. 60 Grit or 80 Grit extra coarse textured anti-slip tapes make treacherous wet sealed concrete a breeze to walk over.

Don’t let slippery floors cause a fall hazard in your facility – contact AP&P for anti-slip tapes, ice melt and entry rugs.
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