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How to Choose the Right Packaging Options

Chipboard vs Cardboard vs CorrugatedChipboard vs Cardboard vs Corrugated

The differences between corrugated, chipboard, and cardboard can be confusing and are often not clearly defined. Terminology can vary depending on the industry or personal choice. Corrugated, chipboard, and cardboard are all paper-based materials often used in boxes and cartons for shipping and storage. To some, cardboard and chipboard are the same material. To others, cardboard and corrugated are the same. These words are often used interchangeably. Many products, like the point of purchase displays, employ both corrugated and chipboard. But both types have their advantages and best uses. 


So what does AP&P mean by these terms?


Cardboard is a general term for a variety of thick paper-based materials, including corrugated and chipboard. Cardboard ranges from single-ply paper to multi-layer corrugated. At AP&P, we prefer to use the more specific terms corrugated and chipboard to avoid confusion and ensure you understand what you’re buying.


Corrugated (sometimes referred to as corrugated cardboard or containerboard) consists of three layers of paper. The middle layer, or fluting, is pleated and provides strength. Corrugated is used for applications such as shipping boxes, pizza delivery boxes, and retail displays and packaging. We carry corrugated boxes, sheets, trays, mailers, and displays in our online catalog.


Chipboard (or paperboard) is a single-layer, lightweight, durable paper stock. Unlike corrugated, chipboard is rarely used for heavy-duty packaging and shipping. Instead, chipboard dominates the packaging industry for small consumer goods, such as cereal boxes, toy and electronic packaging projects. Our online catalog carries chipboard cartons, boxes, and pads.

Single Corrugated Box TypeSingle-Walled

A single row of fluting pressed between two linerboards – standard for transporting lighter goods like shoes, artwork, hats, clothing…

Double Corrugated CardboardDouble Walled

Two sets of fluting sandwiched between linerboards on each side – excellent boxes for shipping moderately-weighted items like books, wine bottles, paint cans…

Triple Corrugated Cardboard PackagingTriple Walled

Three sets of fluting with each separated by linerboard – great for shipping smaller but heavy products like compressors, small motors, motorcycle parts…

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