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Stress-Free Moving Boxes and Supplies for Sale in MilwaukeeMoving Box Supplier

Moving is one of the top five stressors in life, and those include starting new jobs and bringing newborns home. No matter where or why you’re moving, there are thrift shop items to purge, novels to stack, salad bowls to re-gift, dress shirts to box-up without wrinkling, and arguments to be had about keeping your cheap but well-loved sweatpants. Getting moving boxes shouldn’t be another big item on your list. American Paper and Packaging is your local moving box supplier, and we have all the supplies you need to take some stress out of your moving day.

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AP&P Makes Moving Easier – Boxes Sized Right for Your Move

Cast-offs from cheap supermarket dumpsters are dirty, grease stained, oddly-sized and often thin-walled. Many used boxes are fabricated for standardized, machine-packed goods and won’t accommodate the awkward sizes and weights of mirrors, kitchen tools, small appliances, portfolios, dishes, and other oddly-shaped items in your home. Even for moving books, these types of boxes are too flimsy and too big.

American Paper and Packaging is your local supplier of new moving boxes and supplies, offering boxes intended to be used for moving, in all the different sizes you require. Stop packing giant boxes half full with encyclopedias topped off with bath towels!

Contact the packaging experts at AP&P to order the right amount of boxes for your next moving day.


Milwaukee Moving Box Types for Sale

In addition to our vast range of moving box sizes, many of our moving boxes are designed for specified items to streamline your moving process and fitting your possessions every time. We stock moving boxes for precise purposes such as:

Wardrobe Boxes
Wardrobe Boxes

These boxes make it possible to ship or store clothing without removing them from their hangers. Shirts, pants, and dresses are able to hang on a metal bar attached to the inside of the box, which are printed with up arrows for proper storage.

Dish Pack Boxes
Dish Pack Boxes

Dish pack boxes are super heavy-duty packages manufactred from doublewall corrugated material and includes optional partition kits (3 partitions and 2 layer pads). All cartons are printed with a fragile warning and "This Side Up" arrows.

Mirror Boxes
Mirror Boxes

These boxes are designed specifically for shipping or storing mirrors, artwork, and other flat and fragile items. Packages come with both inner and outer boxes, and the outer box is printed with proper handling instructions

TV Boxes
TV Boxes

Safely store or ship flat-panel televisions with TV boxes from AP&P. These boxes come complete with full-overlap flaps on top and bottom for support, heavy-duty corrugated material for protection, and proper handling instructions printed on the outside.

AP&P Moving Kits

Whether you’re packing up your Bayview bungalow, your Richfield ranch, or a Madison marketing firm, AP&P stocks convenient moving kits to accommodate different moving situations. Our moving kits come in three package options:

Office Moving Kits
Office Moving Kits

These kits are useful for shipping or storing office supplies. File boxes have removable lids to keep files clean yet accessible, pre-printed panels on 2 sides for content identification, and easy folding for fast construction.

Small Home Moving Kit
Small Home Moving Kit

Small home moving kits from AP&P includes wardrobe boxes, hanger bars, various sizes of deluxe packing boxes, bubble wrap dispenser packs, newsprint sheets, and carton sealing tape with a tape dispenser.

Deluxe Home Moving Kit
Deluxe Home Moving Kit

The deluxe home moving kits from AP&P includes wardrobe boxes, hanger bars, over 100 deluxe packing boxes in various sizes, dish pack box kits with partitions, bubble wrap dispensers, newsprint sheets, and carton sealing tape with a dispenser.

Get a moving kit to make your move as painless as possible – Contact AP&P today!

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Durability-tested Packing Boxes for MilwaukeeMoving Box and Tape

If you’re depending on cheap moving boxes you’ll not only waste time trying to find usable ones, you’ll waste space, risk breakage, and get frustrated trying to hand-pack them. With AP&P supplying your moving needs, you won’t worry about cheap boxes crumbling under the weight of your stuff.

All of our corrugated moving boxes are made of three layers of paper, with a pleated middle layer for shock absorption and weight-bearing. As a result, our quality moving boxes maintain their integrity while stacking and are standardized for easy truck packing.  

Get quality moving boxes and make moving day easier – Contact American Paper and Packaging for moving supplies in Milwaukee.

Boxes, Packing Tape, Bubble Wrap and More

AP&P has supplied moving materials for countless frazzled Milwaukee college students, first-time homeowners and downsizing retirees daunted by the scope of uprooting their lives. We provide an array of durable, affordable moving boxes and supplies to simplify moving day.

Our packing tape, interlocking storage cartons, computer boxes, bubble wrap, and quality corrugates of all sizes free you from the frustrations of cramming your possessions into cheap boxes from the big box store back-stock.

Value-add Moving Boxes for Milwaukee Moving Companies

Boxes for MoversIf you run a moving company in Milwaukee, you know your clients seek your services for the convenience, quality of services and customer care. At American Paper and Products, we offer quality, durable corrugated moving boxes for your company to sell as a package deal to your moving customers, increasing the value of your services and satisfying your clients.

We stock name-brand trusted moving supplies such as moving tape and packing peanuts from Tape Logic, 3M and other reputable companies. Sell your moving services as a moving package. AP&P stocks all the supplies your employees will need to safely, efficiently, and effectively transport your customer’s cherished possessions.

Keep your Moving Company Well-Supplied with Vendor Managed Inventory

Re-ordering your moving boxes, tape, blades and other consumables is simple using AP&P as your trusted vendor. We employ a vendor managed inventory system which automatically re-orders supplies when you’re running low. You’ll never need to be concerned if your packing box inventory won’t meet the needs of your next office move.

Contact American Paper and Packaging to get a steady supply of moving boxes and materials for your moving business.