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Wholesale Mailing Tubes

Maximum Storage and Protection with Kraft Mailing TubesWholesale Mailing Tubes for Shipping

A good economical alternative to plastic and poly packaging is Kraft paper material. Kraft mailing tubes, in particular, offer the best shipping solution for documents, blueprints, and other long, thin objects. Its extra strong construction and rigid design resist bending and crushing, and the white end caps snap into place to hold all contents secure. Kraft mailing tubes provide a fast and easy packaging solution for businesses and industrial facilities

Get High-Quality Mailing Tubes from American Paper & Packaging

Mailing tubes are the best, most compact method of transporting documents, blueprints, or cylindrical-shaped objects, and you can find any type of mailing tube you need at American Paper & Packaging. All our shipping and packaging are made with the highest-quality 3-ply construction and in a variety of sizes. 

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Types of Mailing Tubes for Shipping

Kraft Tubes
Wholesale Mailers Kraft Tubes

Kraft tubes come in regular, Jumbo, and heavy-duty styles. They are economical shipping solutions for document storage, shipping, and mailing, and each tube includes white end caps that snap into place to hold contents secure.

White Tubes
Wholesale White Tubes

White tubes make for great storage and shipping solutions for posters, documents, blueprints, and more. Each tube is made with strong, 3-ply spiral wound construction and sealed with white plastic end caps in a variety of sizes.

Crimped End Tubes
Crimped End Tubes

These economical Kraft mailing tubes are crimped on the ends for easy sealing, no caps or tape needed. The ends of the tube open easily allowing them to be reused and recycled, and each one is made with high-quality 3-ply spiral wound Kraft material.

Square Tubes
Wholesale Square Tubes Mailers & Packaging

Square mailing tubes won’t roll around during the shipping process and are easier to pack and ship than traditional circular mailing tubes. Each square mailing tube ships flat to save space, and they fold together fast without tape or glue.

Triangle Tubes
Wholesale Triangle Tubes Mailers & Packaging

Triangle tubes open along the length of the tub, making them easier to pack and ship than traditional circular mailing tubes. Each triangle tube ships flat to save space, and they fold together and have locking tabs for easy packaging.

Colored Tubes
Wholesale Colored Tubes & Mailers

These beautiful mailing tubes attract attention with bright, glossy, colored exteriors. Each color can be used to identify or categorize different types of documents and mailings, and each tube is constructed of 3-ply spiral wound material with white plastic end caps.

Telescopic Tubes
Wholesale Telescopic Tubes

Telescoping tubes provide a custom fit for your mail since they expand in length to accommodate different size documents. Each tube is made of heavy-duty 1/8” double-wall, spiral-bound construction and has a 6” flush-joint cap.

Adjustable Tubes
Wholesale Adjustable Tubes & Mailers

These Kraft tubes easily adjust the tube’s length to ship and store various objects. Each adjustable tube is made of thick and durable material, and is perfect for shipping heavy-duty objects like industrial parts and metal rods.

Long Poly Mailers
Wholesale Long Poly Mailers

AP&P offers long poly mailers so you can ship wallpaper, parts, and fabric with flexible packaging. All our lightweight, water-resistant poly mailers are constructed from 4 Mil polyethylene and feature a self-seal closure on one end.

Retail Packs
Wholesale Retail Packaging

These economical Kraft tubes are great for document storage or for mailing. Each one is comprised of 3-ply spiral wound construction for strength and has white end caps that snap into place and hold the contents of the package secure.

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Get Packaging for All Your Shipping Needs

There is no “one size fits all” packaging design. Every product is unique and demands an equally unique solution – the professionals at AP&P utilize a variety of packaging materials to create custom packaging and product display packaging options.

Our packaging components include:

Whether your product is delicate and fragile or heavy and complex, AP&P is your custom packaging supplier for whatever design you need for your business.

Carton Sealers, Shrink Wrapping & Bagging Equipment for Shipping

American Paper & Packaging elevates the productivity of warehousing, shipping and manufacturing companies by providing the latest industrial packaging machines. AP&P’s efficiency experts offer supply line and process consultation to supply your company with the perfect machinery to fit your unique needs.

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What type of packaging equipment do you need?


Carton Sealers & Erectors

Improve carton consistency and reduce lead times with fully automated and semi-automated carton sealers and erectors

Shrink Wrapping Machines

Secure, protect and package your products in polyethylene, PVC or polyolefin films with L-sealer machines and shrink tunnels

Stretch Wrapping Equipment

Overhead, robotic and turntable style pallet stretch film wrapping machines palletize your shipments more efficiently

Strapping and Banding Equipment

Poly strapping machines secure pallets and individual cartons to minimize pilferage and secure product shipments

Protective Packaging and Void Fill Systems

Foam in bag, inflatable cushioning, paper void fill and protective packaging dispensing equipment to prevent product damage

Bagging and Sealing Equipment

Get the latest in bagging machine technologies and sealers for volume fill packaging of smaller products for display or shipping

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If you need thousands of standard-size shipping boxes to transport your products to your customers or custom point-of-purchase displays with your logo, our experienced team will make it happen. Contact AP&P using the form above or call us at 414-462-8560 to get a quote on bulk orders of wholesale paper packaging, cleaning, safety, or industrial supplies for your business. 

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